On the cusp and confussed....

  • I am celebrating my 30th birthday this June 21st. Since I was a young girl as early as 11 I would read my horoscope. Even read all my cousins astrology books. And in each o f those situations I was always a Gemini. As in recent years that's began to change. I am seemingly now a cancer. Even on this site. It's driving me crazy...especially because I got a Gemini tatoo about 12 years ago...haha Base on what I truly thought I was. To make matters worse is I was born at 11:38pm. Just minutes before midnight. So I have strong tendencies to act like both signs. Though I do favor Gemini mostly. But does that have to do with the fact that my moon is also in Gemini? Who am I? Really? Why the change in the date to make things so confusing? I need help please!!!

  • If you feel like a Gemini, then go with it. I would rather be a Gemini than a Cancer. This is coming from a double Cap........with moon in Aquarius. I don't trust cancers, they always have a hidden agenda.

  • Stick to the Gemini if you wish. I'm May 21st on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini (Aquarius moon,Libra rising) and I always consider myself a Gem. My traits are definitely Gem. I was born late afternoon so I always erred to the Gem side.

  • have the same birthday as you, June 21.. the best day of the whole year. Gemini is by far the superior sign! - go with Gem...!

  • On June 21st, 1980 the sun moved from Gemini into Cancer at 05:47 GMT or UTC. So if you were born prior to 05:57 GMT that would make you a Gemini, otherwise you are a Cancer. I see your moon is in Aquarius though, not Gemini. They do say you become more your Sun as you mature.

  • Sorry Libra moon...I was looking at the wrong year. The time of your Sun is correct tho for 1980...

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