9 of Swords as feelings for another person

  • I posed a question about how an ex that broke up with me felt about me and got the 9 of Swords. My first reaction is that he feels very sad about the breakup and depressed, but that's not exactly reading it as how he feels about me but is more about the breakup. I asked for clarification about how he feels about me and got The World. Most of the opinions online thought the World was a positive thing. Still confused, I drew one last card, which was Death.

    It's safe to say that I'm still confused, but I am leaning toward he is depressed about the breakup. Now with the World and Death I'm not sure how that would play into feelings. To me, the World seems good, but maybe the Death card is reinforcing the 9 of Swords as being depressed that it is over (dead, so to speak)?

    Any ideas?

  • 9 of Swords suggests that he may of been feeling a little guilty when he broke up with you.

    The World is the last card in the Major Arcana and speaks of completion, the card you drew for clarification was Death, the card of natural changes. I would say that his feeling for you have run full circle and I am sorry to say but he no longer has deep feelings for you. He may be a little worried about your reaction to the breakup (9 of Swords) but he no longer feels as he did.

  • Yes, that is another way that I thought about the situation. I was leaning more toward the depression because I talked to an online reader a couple days ago and she mentioned that she thinks he feel "doomed" and is feeling depression, which I thought spoke to the 9 of Swords. But yes, I see what you mean about the World and Death. 😞

  • This post is deleted!

  • I asked two more questions: What does he want from me (6 of cups) and What course of action should I take in regards to him (Ace of Swords+2 of Cups). Hmmmm....My head is spinning now...maybe time to put the cards away and go eat a cookie.

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