The Dating Scene

  • Yikes ! I Definetely wanted to create a POST for all the Singles... 🙂 If theres any "SINGLES" left lol ,I know Dating can be so Complicated & Energy consuming, with Meeting & Finding . Especially with these Social Networks that only seem to make the process even Harder but are somehow Addicting at the same time .

    If your a Single , In a Open Relationship , Complicated Relationship , Trying to Enter the Dating Scene again or just having Fun ...

    Post a Issue you are Having find the Right one , OR What your looking for in your Potential

    Partner.. OR Post Advice Tips 🙂

    I'll be glad to chat ladies & gents "Everyone Welcome"

  • In the small city I live in and taking into account the age group I'm in (20's) and seeing as my Venus is in Capricorn (need maturity, security, sturdiness, etc.) with my Moon & Ceres ("love" asteroid) in Gemini (love intellectual discussion and people-fun) it's difficult to be totally satisfied... Men (man-boys) I've dated don't usually get as intrigued by a good conversation as I do and the ones around my age have a LOT to work on usually. Still partying it up too much and somehow jobless or car-less or not out on their own yet when it's totally possible to attain those things. I feel as though I'm too judgemental! But at the same time I enjoy my independence so much that these "judgements" help keep me living my own life.

    I do enjoy being single, but I have the occasional date just to see if there is any possibility of me WANTING any more from a guy. So far, none.

    Haha, any input is fine! This is my main dating issue....



  • Angela ,

    Sounds like we have similiar stories lol ,

    I have a little advice : depending on what kind of guy your looking for ..

    a dating advisor & most of them usually say it's all about Where You Go ,

    good guys usually aren't found at the bar , or parties ect.

    instead try places like Starbucks , Barnes & Noble, Church, Community Gatherings or the art Gallery.. be sure to look for a guy that can conversate as well also , which is a HUGE brownie

    point with todays dating with guys "double good luck" these things aren't impoosible to come

    by , but just remeber you may find a guy who possess all the qualities your looking for

    the car, the job , his own house & good conversation BUT he may not be the best looking

    thats the dating scene for ya ! GOOD LUCK Angela ! 🙂

  • Very good point. Sometimes attraction isn't all about looks, it's the vibe you feel towards somebody. I think I have to be open towards a friendship as well because I don't enjoy the pressure put on me while dating. It could just be the people I have dated.

    Thank you, AddictdtoRiches 🙂


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