Help with cancer man

  • my best friend is cancer and iam aquarius , we both same sx. we re roommate. my friend not homosexual. his name is kevin and he need money now, and iam helping him a lot and i like him too. kevin be nice to me but could we have a chance for he can love me .in house , he do the hard work and everything cause he know iam a girl . we spend good time together a movie , dinner and he just kind of shy, but one time he ask me if my bfriend need help and will i help . he not asking me any money but he tell me abut his business and he doesnt have anything but he is saving money now . i ll help him as much as i can but i just want to know is he good and i can trust and will he love me for anything i do for him . his bd 7/9/1986 .

  • This will hurt u and i am sorry. he is a smoocher. he says the right words to get u to pay for his ways. ye works hard n so on while ur money dwiddles between his hands. its not love its a business where he banks on ur codependancy of him. hon, what do u think will happen when u stop helping him? do u truely belive he can stand on his own feet? what of the money he owes u? have u ever got any of it back? yeah he saves but he still owes u no? im sorry hon i dont get love at all i get it conveinient he has u. whenever he lacks funds u give it to him with a smile n love in ur eyes. the small tokens of dinenr movie who pays? u or him? if him how did he get teh funds? from u?. hon u need to step back, rip off them rosecolored glasses n see the cold hard facts. something is deadly amiss here n my feeling is strong that he uses u for own cold means. playing on ur feelings laying heavy on metaphors n promises he wont keep to get his way. asloving warmhearted n kind as u are, uve become blind. find ur eyes sweetie n by all means wake up!


  • for real i can feel, he try to use me and try to hide his money . i know it. thank. can i make him fall in love with me ?yes or no and what ca n i do to get my money back. thanks

  • well ................ why do u wanty to be with such a user as partner at all? money returns, hmmm do u have proof he lend from u like signed contracts papers ? if not properly hard to get em back., u may need an atturney. just dont lend hinm anymore. u need proof on what ur money goes to, black on white u know. i juss sense ur money is spent on other women. sorry sweetie. mayb u need to consider finding a diff roommant or move. sorry

  • really ? i didnt know about that. i dont know what to do accept dont give him anymore money. but u really sad, can someone tell me what to do

  • When it comes to a cancer man I feel you need to let them solve things out for themselves. Money should be the last thing you want to offer to anyone. As a good friend give the 8 gifts that do not cost anything.

    Eight Gifts that Don't Cost A Cent . . .

    1. The Gift of Listening... But you must REALLY

    listen. No interrupting, no daydreaming. No planning

    your response. Just listening.

    1. The Gift of Affection...Be generous with appropriate

    hugs & kisses, pats on the back and handholds. Let

    these small actions demonstrate the love you have for your

    family, lover and friends.

    1. The Gift of Laughter... Clip cartoons. Share

    articles and funny stories. Your gift will say, "I love to

    laugh with you."

    1. The Gift of a Written Note... It can be simple

    "Thanks for the help" note or a full sonnet. A brief,

    handwritten note may be remembered for a lifetime, and may

    even change a life.

    1. The Gift of a Compliment... A simple and sincere,

    "You look great in red," "You did a super job" or

    "That was a wonderful meal" can make someone's day.

    1. The Gift of a Favor... Every day go out of your way to do

    something kind.

    1. The Gift of Solitude... There are times when we want

    nothing better than to be left alone. Be sensitive to

    those times and give the gift of solitude to others.

    1. The Gift of A Cheerful Disposition... The easiest way to

    feel good is to extend a kind word to someone. Really, it's

    not that hard to say, hello" or "thank you."

    Hope this helps.

  • thanks and anyone know how to make him fall for me , what do i need to do to make him think about me every day. please help me . thanks and wish you all best wish

  • no one can make anyone fall for anyone else. ever heard free will? im sorry but no one not even us can make him fall for u. it has to happen on its own. again i ask, why do u want him when he has n is treating u as he does? that is not love thats misuse.

  • because i feel he is a good guy and he can be a good person

  • typical female instinct. women want to FIX men n things.

    hon, u NEED to know, often u CANNOT fix any man nor things.

    ur guiides tell me u wont admit defeat now n u have chosen ur path. i wish u the best n good luck. they also tell me to withdraw n let u learn this lesson on ur own.

    best wishes

  • Hi aquarius,

    The answer is NO, you can not make any person love you,,,That is impossible, a man or a woman have to feel it...he is taking advantage of you...Be very careful please your questions have been answered with honesty and compassion for its up to you, ask yourself some questions..

    .Do you want someone to love you for you or do you want someone who will use you for your giving heart?

    peace,love and light


  • say if u could make him love u by ur pure will or by some means of voodoo magic or spell, tell us then how do u know he loves u 4 u n not bc of some voodoo magic spells u placed on him? how would u know his love is real?

  • he make me trust him by the way he care for me , he keep the promise but never let me touch him, he ask me to use my money but not accept me to be his bf,. what can i do right now to escape from the dangerous. please help me

  • Your friend is not homosexual, yet you ask him to be one just because YOU want it. Isn't that sexual harassment ? And a selfish thing to do ?

    Do you give him your money because you care for him or to buy his love ? Isn't that bribery ?

    In your first post you said he never asks for money, now it's "he ask me to use my money" which one is true ?

    Your friend has every right to be what he is etero/homosexual, good/bad guy, everyone chooses his/her path in life and suffer the consequences. It's your responsibility towards yourself to choose yours. You ask for help but are not really willing to accept any. If you cannot help yourself no one can do it for you, my friend. And CWB you're right, this is a lesson this person has to learn the hard way. Sorry if i was a little harsh, truth usually is !

  • so what should i do now

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  • Well hello there doeyeyepisces! how typical of fishies, swimming everywhere giving advice see you on the next thread lol

    aquariusmenandcancermen :

    1. choose a shorter nickname

    2. learn to love yourself, then others

    3. listen to doyeyeyeyeyepisces advise

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  • Hi seehorse

    hi doeyeyedpisces

    some great words of wisdom:)

    I'm sure CWB will be happy to see others helping aquariusmenandcancermen, right cappy lol

    FOR aquariusmenandcancermen, your words "so what should i do now " Go on living your life, and who knows you may find another love interest who loves you for you...just read our responses and keep asking your self, do you want someone to just be nice to you so he/she can just use you, no, i don't think you want that..Maybe its time to tell him to move out he has money now right?

    love and light


  • thaqnx for helping me helping her.

    sweetie i already showed u paths u could choose BUT u dismissed them n desided to stick to ur wanted path. i hope u see the light n choose whats best 4 urself n only urself.

    best of luck

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