Can anyone help me?

  • Can anyone give me a reading? I was in a five year abusive one. It's hard to let go...we share a dog together. He stopped trusting me, and I guess we both have trust issues. Will we ever be ok? Friends....or not.

  • What are your birthdates?

  • And by the way it's never all right to be in an abusive relationship - why would you want to stay friends with someone who has treated you like that? Are you hoping the other person will change dramatically?

  • My birthdate: 08--1-1978

    Nick bday

    : 08-14-1979

  • MsPinkee,

    This guy is an abuser and a narcissist - he is trying to manipulate you into thinking this is your fault (his 'losing his trust' in YOU?). This is a necessary time of healing for you - a time to learn balance in relationship which will require you to learn your self-worth. Release any disappointment, doubts or depression you may have about this relationship ending as it is a good thing for you. Reassess what it is you want and deserve out of a relationship and identify what beliefs/attitudes you have about yourself that result in you not feeling worthy of someone who will treat you well - it is this underlying feeling that attracted this man in the first place. Take comfort in and ask for support from family and friends. Once you do this and also look to the future with faith, hope and optimism you will begin on a new foot and meet someone with whom you can build a solid foundation for the future.



  • And forget about "shared custody" of the dog. A dog is not a child. Either make it clear that the dog is now yours and yours only and cut ties with him or give him the dog and be done with it.

  • Well the dog is mine. He is just obsessed with the dog and makes threats of taking him from me. I am tired of the constant stress and fights. He is great at blaming me for everything, but yet has nothing to offer to the realtionship. He beleives that I cheated on him, which I never did. I kow he is insecure becaue he has nothing to look forward to in life. I guess I was trying to help him find his way. In the end, I feel betrayed....

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  • He's using the dog to try to control and manipulate you. He accused you of cheating because he is the cheater. Do not blame yourself for this....just learn from it and move on. Be firm, decisive and emphatic with him about it being over and that he has no rights to the dog. Someone new is coming your way!

  • Thanks, I know it will take time, but I know, in my heart, I need to move on....He is unhealthy and is making me unhealthy.

    thanks for your advice....

  • Marital and love relationships here are tricky. In fact, a hidden affair migth be the most intriguing and fulfilling relationship of all. It can arouse a wide spectrum of feeling and expression. Such a clandestime arrangement can go on for years and can help you both get through some turbulent times in your other relationships. But it will eventually run out of steam and the relationship will be over. Bossy, insensitive and dominating attitudes can creep in to wreck the love affair and leave no chance of renewal or continuance.

  • MsPinkee

    I quite a agree with the other respondents, NO ONE should be treated badly or abused whether it be physical, verbally or psychologically. It sounds like that what this man is still doing, is psychologically abusing by using the dog as some people use children as a pawn to barter and bargain and play on your emotions. Only YOU can stop it. I am sure at this point that it seems a most daunting task, but all is not lost. The cards are shining on you and it seems before long you WILL tire of this man and most definitely want to move on, dog in tow.

    I think being a Leo woman, that you just need to rediscover all your inner skills and strengths. Perhaps hanging out with girlfriends more could help. I think, you need to concentrate on what a wonderful woman you are and how lucky he was to have you and how foolish he is to abuse you. In order to pull it altogether, you will need to use your will power. Cards also show that he is very deceitful and full of trickery. You seem to be the total opposite being a woman of honor and respectability. Maybe a bit naive to his ways. He will, if he hasn’t already show his truest of colors. Something like an unkown secret to you or perhaps a new playmate will come to the front & center. I think by leaving him behind you can only help you grow into someone really special and really great. Soon a man of the same will see this shining through.

    I hope this helpful. Please let us know how it works out for you. Best of luck and may many blessings be bestowed upon you.

  • One of the worst feelings is knowing that I did nothing wrong, but yet feel like I did. He is making it hard to move on. His dishonesty and deception really made me hurt. inever thiught he would ever be this way, I am trying to move on and not let him affect me. Sharing the dogs is what is hard. When imove on, I like to stay absent. Out of sight, out of mind....I feel like I am being tested for strength and patience.

  • Does he - or you - have another partner in the picture?

  • He says he does not....I do not ....

  • There is a female, who he says they are just friends...I don't beleive him.

  • Yes I feel that he might be more involved with her. How often do you two see each other - that is often a sign of someone having an affair - if they are not available to you as often, says they are working etc.

  • she does not live LA... i was with him everyday,.....

  • I have been thinking alot about what you have said. I'm ready. I want to cut all ties with him. I am believing he is unhealthy for me in so many ways. His constant verbal abuse and torment. I am taking my dog back and moving on....he has made numerous threats....can you tell me if he will ever truly leave me alone for good?


  • Make sure he doesn't know your new address or how to contact you. Leave no trace behind you.

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