Does he have a girfriend?:/

  • I like him a want to do something . but can figure out is he in love with someone else.:/

    can you help me?

    me virgo he taurus

  • Queen of swords separates you in my reading... I can say there is another woman between you.

    In the crown of my reading is the Fool + 10 of wands + 6 of coins - There are artificial obstacles to your relationship.

  • ah to bad 😕 i didn't have many hope but still

    but thank you very much 🙂

    if you have time to see my lovelife in near future any change i'd appreciate it 🙂

  • Why have not you met your love part yet? - Knight of cups


    What are the real actions should be taken in order to find your love partner? - 5 of cups

    Who will be the man you will meet for you? - the magician

    What place will you meet your new partner - the Lovers

    When will you meet your partner? - 6 of cups

    You are young and kind may be not too much active,,, you have ample opportunities to express yourself, just be more courageous and do not be sad - Knight of cups

    You should be more often among other people, make new dating more active. Do not stop - Page of coins

    cultivate strong emotions and do not hide them, be more open in the relationship, get rid of the external systems, and understand that the most beautiful thing you have is your inner world. - 5 of cups.

    The man you will meet will be FREE without any tales, without the past and hidden women in his pocket ... He will be alone and nothing will be between you, no one interfere with your relationship. More over he will become for you the true friend with common thoughts and life views - the magician

    You will meet your man not at your place. You will move somewhere maybe you will come to decision to go to vocation - and you will fall in love - the lovers

    6 of cups - I think new meeting will happened with you very soon from the period of time - May - July :)))

  • thank you so much 😄

    you are right , i'm not spending much time with people and i' m really awkward and shy

    oh i can't wait fot that 😄

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