Someone Help?

  • I have lost my keys somewhere and I have literally turned this place upside down trying to find them to no avail...Does anyone see anything in regards to where they are at? Its a frivolous question I know but they are extremely important

  • Dear chocolatemoose,

    I'm feeling a coat, to check there. I also suggest you call on Archangel Chamuel to help you find them, as he's great at finding lost items and placing them in your path.

    Angel blessings and good luck!

    Miss Beth

  • Thank you Miss Beth! Your reply was very helpful

  • I found them all crumpled up in my coat sleeve! Thank you so much for your insight Miss Beth

  • Dear chocolatemoose,

    Wonderful! When I asked your angels to help out, I distinctly heard "coat" and passed it on. Nothing is ever lost in the eyes of your angels. Sometimes, an item truly is lost for a reason...a soul building lesson. But other times, it's not part of your learning, and voila, it's found!

    Angel blessings to you,

    And congratulations!

    Miss Beth

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