Relationship Reading...What does it mean?

  • I recently drew the king of cups, the queen of cups and the page of swords in a relationship reading. Online forums suggest that when these are combined the page of swords may be referring to a younger man. Would this be correct? The spread I used was the Celtic Cross. The Page fell in the hopes and fears position, the King in the best I can do at present position, and the Queen represented the effect of the past. The Ace of Cups was also in the spread which confused me still further. Can anyone explain what this means? I'm new to the tarot so still trying to find my way around it.

  • Can you show all cards of Celtic Cross... one by one? These 3 cards seemed to be taken out of the whole context. the whole picture is not seen.

  • position current situation was the Knight of Swords

    2...what's helping or hindering was the 3 of Cups

    3...the best I can do at present was the King of Cups

    4....hidden factors around me was the Ace of Cups

    5...the effect of the past was the Queen of Cups next move was the 9 of Pentacles I see myself was the 7 of Cups others see me was the 9 of Cups hopes and/or fears was the Page of Swords

    10..the outcome was the Magician.

    Thankyou. I really wasn't sure how to take the reading as a whole. The outcome suggests a fresh start...but I really wasn't sure where the fresh start came in.

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  • Hi. Not only new start .. Magician means emotional join and in relationship it means Friendship. Page of swords tell us that you afraid to loose the friendship, you scare to be hurt. At the same time the magician is the card of loneliness, but not the same sad one like with hermit or selfish like with the Star. Magician has another semantic of this word loneliness - Freedom. this card of proudness, loneliness with dignity, when you understand that who was your friend has lost your trust and you do not want to be dependent from him any more. It is new start but with straight head and clear mind.

    page of swords with magician means that the decision to keep or break the friendship will depend on you only and your wish.

    Someone or something gave a birth to anger in your heart or may be you will survive this anger soon (knight of swords) the reason is in relationship you discover (3 of cups) something wrong with the person you love (King of cups) that will bring you to the last point of emotional splashing, may be you will understand that you are fed (Ace of cups ) influence can be from the past (queen of cups) your next step you will consider like a life lesson (9 of coins) that strengthen you in your intentions for future (7 of cups) forgive (9 of cups) your enemies (page of swords) and move on (the magician)....

    I do not know what happened now in your relationship... May be I am not right,,, but thus is the reading I have got from your cards... waiting for your explanation. Thank you

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  • Thank you so much. It's a really accurate reading. We split over a decision he made that really hurt me. He's come to ask my forgiveness but I'm not as quick to give it this time around. He told me he loved me and that he'd do anything for me but I think they're right in saying that if there is a new start it will definitely be on my terms. Does that mean then the long term future for the relationship is doubtful?

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