What's going on?

  • Hi, I would really welcome some insight please. I'm a scorpio woman and very attracted to Aquarius man. Known him for years. But only became intriqued when he suddenly out of the blue started to show interest in me. We seemed to be getting on well and although nothing physical has happened I have a strong attraction for him Unfortunately my job took me from my home town and on my first visit back was looking forward to catching up with him. It was a complete shock that he totally blanked me! It's as If I don't exist. If I'm out with friends and he's there he will speak with them but completely ignore me. Or he will make sure he walks by close enough to brush up to me and when I catch his eye it's as if he hates me. There are times when I catch him just staring intently and it kind of unnerves me a little as I can't read him. Can someone help me out here? I don't know what I did wrong


  • Did you keep in touch with him in any way when you left town? He is acting like his feelings were hurt...

  • There was contact, and as far as I was concerned we were friends although there was definitely strong energy between us. I was home pretty much most weekends in the beginning, and yet he still behaved that way. We were just getting to know each other. The problem I am having is that I just cannot get him out of my head and I have this odd feeling that he is aware of it and he's playing with me

  • I did request him as friend on facebook, but he ignored that request too. I have kind of withdrawn from him because of his behaviour so when we are in social situations I no longer speak as I don't know how to handle this. He does have this presence about him which is extremely sexy and want him like crazy

  • You are not listening to your inner voice right now as your physical desire is imparing your judgment. There is a lot of deception swirling around you - I believe it is self-deception, but it's possible that he is the one who is being dishonest. You need to step into the light and look at this situation more clearly. Reassess your attraction to this man and why. There is also a lesson in here for you about self-assertion and boundaries. When you are in a group of friends and he doesn't say hello to you, why don't you say hello to him? If he is ignoring you, but you can feel him staring at you why don't you walk up to him and ask him about it? Stop giving him all the power...

  • I agree with watergirl18

  • Thank you for this, I believe you are correct in your assessment. This has been bothering me for a long time. I don't really understand why I may be deceiving myself or why I give away my power in this way. Or maybe I do. I have been in some really dysfunctional relationships in the past and probably this has something to do with it in terms of my own self esteem and the kind of men I attract and who are attracted to me. It's not what I wanted to hear but truth sometimes is hard. Thank you for being so frank- I appreciate it

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