Am I a 2 or 11?

  • Hi Guys

    I am a bit confused. I am apparently a 2 but I have been on other websites and I am an 11. I have done the formula you have stated and I am a 2, so I guess I am a 2 as well. Its just the other day I was reading about Barack Obamas life path. He is apparently an 11 life path but his date of birth adds up to 2, 4th august 1961( 4 + 8 + 8 = 20). My date of birth is 24/7/1987. I Hope someone can help.

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  • There are different thoughts about how you calculate the birth numbers - some numerologists add up the date left to right, so you would be an 11 because it is a master number and is never reduced to 2. But if you add the birthyear separately as some numerologists do, it adds up to 20/2. Just read the interpretations for both 2 and 11 to see which applies to you - they will both be very similar. An 11 just calls for a more expanded view of the world and your life purpose.

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