Iam aquarius men and my gfriend is cancer helpp........

  • my best friend is cancer and iam aquarius , we both same sx. we re roommate. my friend not homosexual. his name is kevin and he need money now, and iam helping him a lot and i like him too. kevin be nice to me but could we have a chance for he can love me .in house , he do the hard work and everything cause he know iam a girl . we spend good time together a movie , dinner and he just kind of shy, but one time he ask me if my bfriend need help and will i help . he not asking me any money but he tell me abut his business and he doesnt have anything but he is saving money now . i ll help him as much as i can but i just want to know is he good and i can trust and will he love me for anything i do for him . his bd 7/9/1986 .

  • Hun, it's not that easy to trust a person it takes a lot of time and effort and ask you said you help him a lot and his a straight guy and your a Girly type.If I were you don' t expect anything from him friendship is a good foundation of love but Don't expect anything in return. Expectation leads to depression. Just enjoy all the things that you doing together and don't give malice on everything you guys too. I can feel you cos I have few friends like you and you are very emotional I am a girl so I am but you need to set a boundary otherwise you will lose your friend or everything

    Will be ackward

  • thanks but i just want to ask is anyway i can do to make him fall in love with me for real . thanks .

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