Photo reading if you please.....

  • Dear Captain, if possible I would love to have you read this photo. Have one with a friend also, is it possible to email it to you privately?

  • Personal emails are not allowed to be posted on this forum - admin removes them.

  • Oh ok.....thanks! I tried to upload a picture but guess I must have done it wrong. I hope to get the hang of this some!

  • Try using shrinkpictures dot com.

  • Thank you Captain. I will give that a try!

  • Ok, so I am trying this again.....hope it works!

  • I will get the hang of

  • Wow! I actually did if you could please give me a picture reading, I would greatly appreciate it. Have a Blessed Day!

  • what exactly does a picture reading entail?

  • MaBelleAmie, there is so much pain and fear in your eyes. You seem to be expecting a smack in the face at any moment. There is no happiness there, only anxiety about whether other people will approve of you and like you. It's like you are frozen - unsure of which way to go in case you do or say the wrong thing. It's time you forgot about what other people think and started living your own life, doing what you want to do and say. If you love yourself, you don't need other people's love as much. You need to sort out who your real friends are and get rid of the rest. You tend to want to be in a crowd of people so that you feel safer and less likely to draw attention to yourself, but some of your companions are not good for you. They make you feel worse about yourself. Stick with people who really make you feel good and support you. And instead of trying to please others, please yourself for once! It's the only way you will truly be happy.

  • That is probably from years of verbal abuse. For the longest time I was afraid to leave my 'safe' haven, but have since broken out. As for crowds, I truly do not like them. I think you are right on the starting to please myself and not worry about others. That is what I have been trying to do as of late. Thank you for your time. The picture I have with a friend (male) is when we were 12. Would you, if I made a copy and posted it, still be able to tell anything from it as far as the present goes?

  • Photos only capture the actual moment - they do not show any changes or events that might have occurred in the time between when they were taken and now.

    And I don't mean that you feel safe in crowds of strangers, but amongst people you know.

  • Oh that is interesting about the reading of a photo. And you are right I do feel better with people that I know. Thank you!

  • Hello there Captain! Been a long time!! A lot has transpired in my life since last I wrote. Would love some insight into things if you will. I am currently in a friendship that I would like to see continue...his birth is August 22 1953...I am May 13 1954. Would love to hear from you.

  • This relationship will ask you and your partner to keep your feelings and attitudes frank and open rather than hidden and suppressed. A relationship that makes natural and unaffected behaviour its main requirement would seem pleasant enough, but this is precisely the area where your partner has problems, and he may come to see the relationship as tyrannical or insensitive to his needs if he is pressed to be more open and honest. He may retaliate by ferreting out your insecurities, while you in turn may then find the relationship very uncomfortable. In the long run however, your partner should soften in his resentment as he loses his inhibitions, while you can enjoy the structure that this relationship brings.

    In love, your partner wants the option of hiding or revealing himself. Any pressure to be open all the time will make him feel frustrated and he may envy your easier attitude. Likewise, when deprived of the ability to reveal himself dramatically, whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually at moments of his own choosing, he may feel disempowered and curiously deadened by the sameness of a boring - although natural - routine. The relationship's denial of choice may make him rebellious and perverse. Your dominance - or more correctly your belief in the direct approach - will be most strongly felt in a marriage here and your partner may come to feel insecure about his ability to meet the demand to be natural and open. The advice here is to let him reveal his feelings and thoughts and open up to you in his own time, and for you not to probe. He is especially challenged in the area of being open to other people's advice. He has a talent for leadership but often feels the urge to do things his way - sometimes regardless of the potential cost to others and himself - and he can become rather controlling and inflexible. Explore the lesson of intimacy here, but also respect each other's privacy. MaBelleAmie, in your need to find somewhere to feel safe and protected and loved - somewhere you can feel free to be yourself - you have to ensure you don't depend on other people to provide it for you. The safe refuge you seek is inside yourself and evolves out of self-confidence and a belief in your own wisdom and strength that will allow you to feel secure in any circumstances in which you find yourself.

    In general, your partner is a warm and sociable individual, and he will tend to easily attract a number of admirers. Relationships are good for him because they help him develop his creativity and ability to compromise, but even if he finds the most ideal mate he will not be happy unless he is free to pursue his own interests and go his own way from time to time.

    Your greatest challenge MBA is learning to control your impulses. You must understand that self-control is the key to success in your life; without it you are like a reed blown about by the wind. You love deeply and romantically; although you believe that a relationship should be for life, you may often forget that relationships need work. You are very fortunate in having the ability to attract admirers but, as with everything in your life, you do need to exercise a certain amount of discrimination before you take the plunge.

  • Captain, thank you for your quick response.We have talked about other people and their controlling ways and I have agreed that that is not the way to be with someone. He knows how I feel about him and knows I give him the freedom to come and go. It is interesting how you nailed quite a few things in this relationship.

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