PisceanHealer "Marc" when you have a moment ,not a 911 call lol

  • Hi Marc, I hope you are starting to feel more energy and peace...within

    I was just was curious...so i thought who would know this answer? and i said of course Marc:)

    I saw a frog picture posted in one of Blmoons posts, the other day...Now i bet you can guess, I'm seeing frogs everywhere (pictures that is) and to tell you the truth frogs scare the crap out of me lol...

    If you have some incite on this and when you have the time, i would appreciate it.

    Thanks PH

    Namaste' Marc


    sending you peace,light,love and laughter

  • Hello Sheila,

    Thanks for your blessings. I'm still gathering my energy and picking myself up. Been a see-saw month for me, but I think it's soon coming to an end.

    Frog's medicine is about cleansing. Frog's medicine is akin to water energy, and in fact all water rites, initiations etc belong to Frog. Frog sings the song that brings rain. Frog may be asking you to refresh, purify, and refill the soul. Are you holding back your tears? Don't fight them, they cleanse the soul Frog would say.

    Or are you tired, overloaded, weakened, frustrated, nervous, at a loss, and/or empty? If so, take a bath, disconnect from the world, yell stop, undertake some deep breath exercises, or anything else you do to cleanse yourself.

    The fact you are currently afraid of frog may indicate that something is mucking up your current life but you are afraid to face it. If this is so, take a break, especially from routine. You're not responsible for everyone and the world. Let others deal with their own problems and issues while you take a time out for yourself.

    Love and light Sheila,


  • Hey Marc, thank you, thank you

    Sum's up all of me right now, but i can feel the lift coming also..Shed some good tears over the weekend, it helped!, allot of the tears where buried.

    I'm feeling alot more refreshed...thank you again for all you do, for me and all of us:)

    Take care,Marc



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