Will my ex Aquarius bf ever want me back?

  • My ex bf of 2 years broke up with me because he didnt want a relationship anymore, wants to do his own thing whenever he wants. Just space. This came out of the blue for me after we just came back from our USA holiday that we saved up for for a year, and im so heartbroken. We were happy, went places together, I got on with his family alot and we had good sex and he told me he loved me all the time.

    Its been 14 weeks now but within those weeks we have kept in contact, met up, had sex, cuddled. He still txts me like we are an item calling me his nickname and leaves me kisses. He also wants to buy me a necklace to replace the one he got me for my bday that broke.

    Am I holding onto nothing or is there room in there for reconcileing?? If there is what is the best way? No contact and just give him the space he wanted or keep him as a friend with limited contact and see how it goes.

    Please help!

  • Honey seems to me he wants the cake n to eat it also n so far u have let him.- No consequences whatsoever for him. Why do i get a sense the sweettalk n promises r hollow as a justification for a bootycall? Hon why do u let him use u like this? he chose to end it n yet he keeps u as a scratch me when i wanna bc i know her weakbuttons.

    This on n off aint a relationship or a break up, its a ill keep u hanging while i sow wild oats n opt out, n ya booty is as good as any other i may or may not find. Until i find i will keep ya on call.

    Now that u see i hope from this new other angle do u really want him back? to me, n im sorry to say this, he seems like a big hollow blimp. hiddenburgh comes to mind.

    I´d hate to see u in the victiny when it he blows n burns. So please consider this pattern. To me he gets all the benefits while u sit with doubts n hopes n dispair. Hows that fair to u hon?

    i think n feel its time u put ur foot down n draw the lines up very well so it can b seen from space even. u owe it to ur sweet loving self.

    hope this helped.


  • 😞

  • Meant to add more to that!

    You are right he has all the benefits of the relationship without being commited! People have been telling me he is just having his cake and eating it too... Like he doesnt want to be with me but he doesnt want any1 else having me so he is keeping me around so I dont go astray or until he finds some1 better...

    I just dont understand why he still speaks to me like we are together and the cuddles etc... Whenever I initiate sex he always says 'its not the right thing to do' so he never asks me or initiates me. Im just bad and do it for him. Laying it out on the table!

    I do it because I love him and want to keep him around. I dont want it to turn out that if I stop speaking to him he will not miss me or wanna see me anymore, his feelings will go and then not be bothered about me anymore 😞

    Im seeing him for the last time on Thursday.. and will say my goodbyes.. gosh it wil be hard but I hope he comes around...

  • best of luck sweetie. sometimes we need to let those we love go free n cut loose, if they come back they r ours if not it was never meant to be, u know that sayin? if u love someone set em free, when they return they r urs n if not never meant to be. opps i juss repeated meself lol

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