• Oh dear me!!!....I'm having problems YET AGAIN with my PC even though it has been completely re formated and on a new system??? ....Phew!..don't know whats happening??? it has crashed at least 8 times today?...but anyway just wanted to tell my lovely friends on here why it may look like Ive disappeared, I haven't.....LOL...just hope I can get it sorted šŸ™‚

    Love you all


  • I'm on a Mac and having problems, and that NEVER happens. Retrograde? A friend told me that the smart phones are causing all kinds of bandwidth problems for all providers, because people never hang up. AT&T just imposed a cap on data streaming, if you use too much, you pay more. They said it was all the people streaming movies on the computer. Hang in there. I'm sure it will get sorted out before people start switching companies! I'm already getting all kinds of calls and ads for 'deals'. I've even been in several stores where the credit card computers were down. Hang in there.

  • It is the mecury Retrograde. data streaming at the speed of light...? Sounds like mecury to me! LOL. I am counting the hours till it goes direct!

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