Scorpio man drama...

  • Oh god.. Here we go again... I soooo don't get it... o.O He got me sooo confused I swear. For those of you who didn't read my previous topic, here is quick summary: I'm a Taurus chick, he is a psycho Scorpio guy and he seduced me. I hate him for it. I just need some help with particular situation. Here it goes. So we went to the same "event" and usually when we meet up I hug him first or make physical contact first, and this time I did not. He did. He kissed me on the cheek! And then... He was hugging and doing a "love birds" thingi with soe RANDOM chicks RIGHT in FRONT OF ME! Like WTF?! I pretended that I'm cool, well I'm not... I'm just thinking I know he likes me, this is NOT a secret, however I do NOT understand why does he flirt with other girls in front of me.. So hard out.. This is just so annoying, I dont get it. I wish he could just stop leading me on and let go of me. However there is NO freaking way I will ever EVER take him out of my mind. Thats just impossible.. What should I do when he flirts with other chicks in front of me? Please help coz I had no nerves at the "event" since he drained my completley..

    Taurus Girl to Scorpio: I wish you knew just how much you hurt me. My heart will stop one day because of you.

  • Just my quick reaction of what you said, he is testing and teasing you to see ho you react (guys no matter the sign can be real idiots sometimes).

    I know of scoprs head games however don't let him or anyone play you... ell him if you can how it makes you feel. It's better to lay it on the table then have it rot you from he inside out. maybe then some healing can happen.

    Don't pretend it's cool when it's not. Be true to yourself. Because at the end of the day if he doesn't like you for you, but for the person you pretend to be, is he really the one you want?

    Just my thoughts...

  • Run!... just got out of same situation with Scorpio man!.. was hell!.. all the loving and conning and sneaking around!.. Yes, he loved me too - and me back, but it doesn't mean a thing when they have you where they want you, and then go off and play with everyone else (which you probably won't know) and he wil still come and see you too, and keep you hanging on - and yes, he loves you, and everyone else, butmostly himself!... sorry to be so negative, but i am pretty smart and I got treated like this - but always underneath I was suspicious, and I am not particularly a suspicious person - he made me that way against my will!!!..

    Please be careful - very careful I mean - go ahead if ou want to, but you could just save yourself a lot of time and trouble and be very very aware!.... sorry - I am not trying to spoil it for you. good luck



    I. Am. Not. Kidding.

  • TaurusBunny - Oh, my dear, this guy is a liar and a cheat. He is insincere, narcissistic and passive-agressive. He is immature and only thinks of himself. But you know all this - you're just not listening to your inner voice. Where did your self-confidence go? Regain your personal leadership and sense of self and cut this man out of your life quickly and decisively. Look to the future and enjoy time with your friends. A new man will enter your life soon...



  • Hey guys, wow... So much negative feedback.. But thank you so much for telling the truth. Anyway I thought I'd give an update.. Well after couple of days since "event" he called me. For the first time he never did. And he acted STUPID. I didn't answer the call so I txted him and he was trying to escape from the topic and I asked him Why he called me but he would not answer so when today we got online I asked again and he just Ignores it. WTF is wrong with the guy? lol o.O About the flirting with other chicks.. It doesnt really bother me since Im the same... not in his company but usually i flirt with guys when im out, im just having fun, nothing serious, but still I wouldnt flirt in front of a guy I had feelings for.. I mean I kinda like it LOL to an extent but then if the flirting goes tooo far thats when I will just stand up and go. He is so strange, I don't know what the hell is happening. I'm really trying to understand whats happening, but we are in our early 20's maybe we just too young... I dont know man I just wish he could answer what he wants from me.. Part of me kinda "knows" the answer but then his ignorance and distant, controlling behaviour is just.... oh... Someone save me from him... he really really got me hooked.. like wtf?! I HATE HIM for it.

  • It's ok TaurusBunny (you helped me with one of my post on my Scorpio ex sometime ago-thanks!) but I must say being involved with them is crazy and the Taurus-Scorpio attraction is so powerful it can be overwhelming lol! But in all honesty, this Scorpio your dealing with-I feel he's a bit selfish and immature. If you have a problem or any problems with him talk to him face to face and be upfront about it. They love it when they have someone that doesn't back down so easily. Stand your ground don't be aggresive but direct about how you feel if you want this to carry on any longer. But overall if he wants to act this way, leave him! How long have you guys been going out anyway?

  • as for me, the Scorpio man drama began when i met him at a workplace that was about to close down. He was born November 4, 1954. He avoided women after being cheated on--and this was (he claimed) for at least 22 years. At first, he just wanted to be friends, but after trying to touch me intimately over time and then try to get me to sleep with him--friends with benefits. I said "No", got a dirty look, and then a lame "I'm glad we're still friends..." the next day. He then wanted me to visit later (he lived out of town) so I had to make it clear that while i was attracted to him, i wouldn't sleep with him (let alone let him touch me so easily) unless i was his girlfriend. He proposed to me after a string of porno spam on a networking site upset me--and this happened December 2009. Early 2010, a former love interest "friended'' him on the networking site we were both on, and he refused to empathize with me when she became hostile towards my presence in his life. I tried to leave, and got excuses to lure me back. I found him hitting on various women he claimed were just friends--but boy, they didn't seem to think so when they found out about me! He tried to include me more after that, while i starting feeling sceptical of his future commitment to me. I recently asked him if he believed in monogamy and he said "i don't know but i am wiling to be monogamous if that's what you need..." I let him know that statement sounded contradictory and made our relationship sound one-sided and unbalanced--like monogamy was some kind of martyred state he'd resent me for later on. I had to continue to explain what monogamy meant to me after he said he 'didn't understand' so i told him it was like loyalty to his friends in long term relationships. Now that seemed to register with him, but i back to square one? By the way, his Moon and Mars is in Aquarius, so maybe that's why the "friend'' theme is so prominent in all this. But i don't sleep with friends, period--it just confuses things for me, and is too casual for my needs. I have my own ideas about what it takes for me to want to be in a relationship, so that needs to be respected too. if he doesn't want me because of that, why doesn't he just go away and leave me alone? Or is that some kind of sadistic, perverse Scorpio mind-body game? Go figure!

  • Thanks Asia118x um technically... we haven't been going out much but we meet up occasionally and he "makes" it happen lol which is good I presume.. We met up couple days back and.. he spoils me a lot..... lots, I mean I LOVE it but I get this feeling he does so for the purpose of "winning" me over, coz so far I havent actually told him I love him i was/IS giving him hints lol OBVIOUS sings that im obessesed with guy.. The thing is he is gna leave this country soon and go to work in a nother country, thats why me and him ARE TRYING HARD very fucking HARD t resist this... but hell.. I have dreams with him like every night, I had a nightmare today... I miss him so much... EVERYTIME we meet up and then when its time to go i feel UNEXPLANABLE feelings of extreme missing him... like what the hell? He is trying to win me over I think.. I dont knw..Im suspicious of his motives since he seemed talking about FALLING IN LOVE is EASY for him, that what he said... thats why im taking things SLOW very slow IM SCARED HE GNA HURT ME BADLY....

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