Psychic Reading or Compatibility Reading Need- from Captain.

  • MarieGracelndy, you and your husband are such very different people which is why this combination doesn't work very well. Often split in your belief systems, you two may have great difficulty reaching agreement on most major issues. In the personal area, probably the greatest difference between you is that you are in need of attention and approval while your husband doesn't seem to expect or want approval (at least consciously; subconsciously he craves it). This makes him the much stronger partner (outwardly) in many ways, and he is usually able to win out in any personal struggles between you. However, this comparison also indicates that you operate by socially acccepted norms of behaviour more easily than your husband does. He tends, through his isolation, to become a law unto himself. Thus the struggle inherent in this relationship centres on whether it should orient itself toward others (easier for you) or more or less isolate itself and seek its own values (easier for your husband).

    In a love relationship here, your partner will not be aware of hurting your feelings or of alienating you with his uncompromising stance. On the other hand, he will find it difficult to handle your flightiness or need for variety. Your relationship can be quite passionate at the outset, but your shared unwillingness to make fundamental changes in your personalities does not augur well for a 'forever' arrangement. You two just can't seem to find a middle ground of agreement. There is just not much friendship in this relationship.

    Your husband will become more difficult to live with as he gets older, because he is very conscious of his image and his fear of losing his attractiveness will drive him to do some desperate things. He has huge issues with being 'confined' to one person all his life and has a deep need to be loved and admired - possibly by females much younger than he. He has a fear of rejection and of having too much financial responsiblity on his shoulders - he will always seek to free himself if life becomes too restricted for him.

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