Psychic Reading or Compatibility Reading Need- from Captain.

  • My marriage is nearly ending. I am wondering if it can be saved. We have been married for 17 years, since late teens/ early 20s. Been arguing for years now, lots of hard times, been separated three times in three years. Any thoughts on whether we can make it work or if we should give up. I am exhausted from it, we are legally separated now.

    12/24/1971- Him

    3/1/1974- Me

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  • Your husband is being driven by his fear of getting older and being unwanted and non-attractive. Unless he is willing to work through his fears while staying with you, I don't see much hope for a continued relationship.

  • I saw some of your posts and wonder for some insight on this problem....

    I have been married 8 years now with two kids, i am an aquarius and my husband is a Leo...we are complete opposites and fight all the time...My best friend who is also an aquarius has always been by myside but lately we have gotten closer and have he has told me he has feelings for me. The biggest problem is i have always loved him just never thought he would settle down now i really want out of my marriage to be with my bestfriend....Help

  • Dsshorty, can you please start your own personal thread with this question by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page - and I will answer you there. Also can you include the birthdates of all concerned?

  • dsshorty, just start a new thread and i'm sure someone will answer you, it helps the reader if they are only answering to that one person on a thread

    love and light

  • lol captain...

  • Thank you , I did that

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