I'm a Scorpio lady, with a Libra rising and a Taurus moon. So...?

  • What does all of this say about me?

  • Hi ieat!

    I don't know? Me; Scorpio with Taurus moon Taurus rising...but lots of Libra sprinkled in! We probably will get along! Maybe someone else can enlighten us! When is ur BDay???

    Lisa 🙂

  • As a pisces from my personal experience and what i can tell from my scorpio friend is that they are cool to hang out with. they seem to have an all or nothing kind of attitude, which is nothing short of admirable sometimes, emphasis on sometimes haha. moon signs are what i understand as influence on somebody's personality, for example since mine is in leo i always notice specifically when everybody's attention is on me. ill take a guess since taurus is a fixed sign but earth instead of fire that it might have a similar affect. rising signs unfortunately i dunno anything about but i hope this helps in anyway possible!

  • Hey there LuckyPisces!!!!

    Thank you! I have a Pisces daughter, 15 yrs old, and she is amazing!!!! Her moon is Sagg, and I now see that the personality thang sure fits in her case... All I have heard @ rising signs is that they're really important! But also a persons friends will often be the Sun sign that is the person's rising sign? That sounded confusing!! Anyway, I'm happy you joined in here cox I enjoy and admire and Love Pisces people! I gotta go but will check in...

    Are you in the " All Things Pisces" ?? I am, you Pie-Pie folks are so good for this Scorp!

    Lisa 🙂

    PS-must be my Taurus moon making me lazy!

  • Having a Scorpio Sun and Libra Rising is a dynamic combination! Here's my take: Sun in Scorpio has a need to get to the bottom of things....you operate on a deep emotional level. Sometimes this makes communicating with others challenging. Chatting away at the surface level of things(small talk) is not what scorpio is all about. However, your listening skills are very strong and others appreciate your compassion and sincerity...much needed in our world today! Libra rising gives you the drive to bring balance and harmony to your relationships. You are a social being....you throw a great party! Moon in Taurus is a very strong placement. Money is important....material things in general bring a sense of emotional security. Love of beauty and much charm come with having a Taurus moon. Hope that helps:)

  • Hi Meera17!

    You do a nice job summing it up! Whatever your natal chart is, the gift of composing ( with words anyway) must be strong! I'm the Scorpion with Taurus moon and Taurus rising...not to put you out, but-what do you make of that configuration??? I've always been called chatty and it's almost like I just cannot control myself! I want to be a quieter person! I'm not a bad listener, but...?

    You know what I'm wondering, it's probably worth starting a new topic, is what's up with the Midheaven??? Mine is in Aquarius. Perhaps why I'm too chatty...

    Well, thanks for the enlightening post! I like how your writing flows-keep it up!

    Lisa 🙂

  • Thank ya'll so much 😄 It's funny that you mention Scorpio's suck at small talk...oh my God, I know I do. :P.

    Everyone has been helpful. Thank you so much, 🙂

    <3, me.

  • My birthday is November 2nd :). And yours?

  • Hey there ieat Scorp,

    Mine is Oct 30th...do u know ur midheaven?

    Mines Aquarius, I dunno...?

    Check in soon!

    Ovah and out!!!


  • Hi Score! Thank you so much for the feedback...I'm at the tail end of an astrology certification course, so I thank you for the opportunity to test my progress. Your Aquarius Midheaven would suggest you might have some sort of career in humanities, service to the masses, or at the very least, something progressive and original. It would also show a gift for getting along with all types of people, from all walks of life. Take a look at where Gemini and Mercury fall in your chart for clues to your gift for gab...are they part of your 1st House(how others see you) or 11th House(friends and associates)?? btw-I have a cluster of planets in my 3rd House(writing, ideas, communication)...you nailed it!

  • Meera,

    Thanks so much! You're a gifted astrologer already!!!

    OK, it looks like mercury is in the 2nd house? I'm not educated about how to look at my chart and read the houses...but I do know what sign all the planets are in! My mercury is Libra. Is that a "chatty" placement perhaps?!? And Mars in Libra also. It's sort of tough for me to get going...?

    Also looks like tons of stuff going on in 6th (5th) house, Scorpio and Libra...sigh. I wish I could read charts!!! How long/how much does a course to become certified take? Bravo to you for doing that!!!

    Til next we post!

    Lisa "score" 🙂

  • Hi Lisa! Mercury in Libra could give us some clues....Libra is about one-to-one relationships;it's concern is balance. Mercury in Libra is trying to balance a single thought using both sides of the issue...it creates a lot of mental activity that needs to be expressed. The area of your life where this is the strongest is your House of Values and material resources...like money! This is a strong placement for objective work...diplomat, judge, mediator...you can be objective, being that you see both sides of the issue quickly. Mars in Libra...I have that placement too! At first, yes..it can be challenging. Mars wants to drive straight ahead, meanwhile Libra wants to see both sides & then balance it out. It's the start...then stop...then start again sluggishness that is tough about this placement. But again, we make great peace makers....we just need to be aware of the "peace at any price" trap of this combo! Respectively taking a stand on things that are important to us helps to free up our energy:)

  • Meera!

    My goodness, this Mercury retro really peaked for me today! The Tarot.com site was screwy, even after I did a master re-set...grrrrrrrr!!!

    Well, thank you so very much for the spot on interpretation of my bizarre chart!!! My Aries gal-pal (gotta love 'em!) ordered me my complete, extensive natal chart for my BDay last year---I've got to say, your take without even seeing the chart makes more sense!

    Oh, the sluggishness!! And yes, I find that the "peace at any price" is often a corner that I paint myself into! I realized just recently that I am pretty passive-aggressive! Did you tell me your sun sign, Meera? Oh! I see you're a Sagg? I am jealous!! I love Sagg! My "son-shine, Jesse, is a Sagg and he's so easy, lucky, free... He's brilliant and an artist in practically all mediums. He let's life happen...doesn't fret, he loves people and people love him. One of those persons that has that special light around him, you know?

    Meera, I've got to go now, but I'm so happy we " met"! Til next we post!

    With appreciation and admiration--Lisa 🙂

  • Hi Lisa...thank goodness Mercury Retrograde has passed....yippee! Yes...I have Sun In Sag, Moon in Sag, and Leo rising...no shortage of energy here:) It's been great chatting with you about charts....I can go on and on....a total sag:) You take care of that powerful scorpio energy....it's healing powers are so needed today!

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