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  • Hello All! I read this write up by renowned Selp-Help Author/Teacher Ken Keyes, Jr. of Living Love Publications, called "Our Way to Happiness", taken from his 1979 published book called "A Conscious Person's Guide to Relationships"! This writing was so profound to me and so moving and enlightening that I just HAD to share with all of you! Whee I visit this site from day to day I see the consistent suffering/pain that we all encounter from day to day, week to week and year to year in our lives relative to love and relationships. Searching for the answers to the "whys" of our encounters and many times looking in the wrong place for the right answers that actually only lie "within" ourselves. At any rate, this was the best book I've had the privilege of reading so I wanted to share this caption from it. It's long, but richly insightful! Here goes:

    "Our way to happiness is open when emotion-backed demands are mastered.

    The automatic triggering of fear, frustration and anger makes us robots

    instead of creative causes in the changing energies of life.

    The ego and intellect combine, demanding more, more - and yet more,

    and our experience of life is wanting. We strive and toil and scheme, and shove and complain

    and resent. But pleasure and satisfaction are temporary and our illusion of separateness seems real.

    As we learn how our consciousness works, we discover the opening key.

    Our desires and demands and requirements act as a distorting screen

    filtering what is happening to warp our experience of now.

    The beauty - the ugliness

    the safe and the threatening

    the good and the bad

    the fame and the shame

    the loss and the gain

    the pleasure and the pain

    are merely what we're programmed to reject or accept.

    The wide gulf between these polarities of life lies not in the world outside but only in our heads.

    Was addictive or preferential programming use to create our experience of the here-and-how?

    To demand what we don't have, is to was what we do have.

    To take offense from what's happened can destroy our happiness

    In the changing world of people and things, we win some and we lose some - regardless of

    knowledge, fame or money. As we free ourselves of addictions, the winning and losing

    becomes only a game in which we can LOVE IT ALL.

    Security, sensation and power demands --

    these create the deepest illusions. The waste our insight and energy, and destroy our ability to love.

    When at last we understand how we do it to ourselves and create the world we experience, we can

    live and awakening life.

    As cause and effect, we link our insistent addictions with all of our suffering.

    When we're clear about this an enjoyable life is possible.

    Demanding and rejecting, criticizing and judging, "righting" and "wronging"

    are the sicknesses of the mind. To be free of distorted perceptions, see the chains

    of addictive patterns that dominate our consciousness and make our live a battle.

    Our perceptions of others is only our projection of fears and desires for ourselves.

    By seeing our models as not needed, the people we meet are no spewed with our fears,

    frustrations and angers.

    We know them more consciously as "us" --

    not separately as "him", "her" or "them."

    Two steps are crucial to live a life of love:

    First, see our self-imposed prison, and then, RESOLVE to be free.

    Everyone now is a teacher and all of our life is a teaching --

    this is the fastest route. Everybody and everything helps us on our way.

    When we experience offense, life offers us our next step in doing the inner work.

    When we create feelings of joy, life is giving us a taste of living in a world of love that ever

    beckons us onward.

    The day-to-day practice of the method of your choice opens the way to freedom

    and a life of living love. To continue reading and shopping only builds ego's defenses and

    stops you short in your growth. Beyond a certain point, more knowledge is only fettering.

    Placing a price tag on love, or bartering one demand for another, keeps us shaky, and always

    vulnerable to irritation, resentment and anger. But when love is unconditional our experience

    of life is transformed--- and a life of bliss is ours.

    For nothing that is said or done, can make us feel separate again.

    And love without strings applies also to onself, for we are always lovable and the world has

    a place for us exactly as we are.

    Always accept and love oneself--

    without conditions

    without judgments

    without condemning

    without hiding.

    We are O.K. the way we are--- even with our attachments.

    We won't be "better" if we reprogram our addictive models. It's just that we'll enjoy our lives

    much more when we do.

    To live in this new world of continuous wisdom and love, we must

    change our expectations and love ourselves and others just as

    we are or are not.

    We may wish to avoid people's games but we always know their hearts--- which are just like ours.

    Involvement may be conditional; but love is never withheld.

    In the dramas of life, we may throw someone out our our territory, but never out of our heart.

    Thus love is a bridge from heart to heart from being to being while the games of life play on.

    So we learn to flow in harmony with all around as we fully attune to the Law---

    the Law of Higher Consciousness:

    Love Everyone Unconditionally---

    Including Yourself.

    As our heavy load of demands is lightened, we increasingly experience the perfection of life.

    In our essence we're always perfect, though the programs we play out may yield

    pain and separation. The world around us is perfect, too---

    offering us either a perfect teaching or the perfect opportunity to enjoy our here-and-now.

    See how the intellect acts as a "yes-man." It helps us play out the roles of personality

    with which we have learned to blindly identify ourselves. These roles are only habits;

    they are not who we really are. For behind the drama of our lives--

    father, mother, child, boss, worker, doctor or cook--

    there lies the awareness of our consciousness. Behind all our drama---


    If you would transform the world, start within yourself. Let the Pathways be your guide---

    unfolding beyond the sterility of un-applied knowledge. In the give-and-take of life, saying these

    Pathways whenever upset gives us space to transcend our hang-ups. They tune us in to our

    inner wisdom that we continuously smother by our alarms and our fears.

    How simple this is!! Just to say the Pathways when we make ourselves feel separate.

    But notice how the ego---

    abetted by the rational mind---

    stops us in this easy practice and keeps us trapped in acting out the tragedy of our lives.

    We get the most from our days when we change our tortuous demands.

    Upleveling addictions to preferences leaves us invulnerable to suffering yet open to joy

    and happiness. Becoming more deeply confirmed as we surrender our addictive desires,

    we experience the "cornucopia" of life.

    We discover at last what eluded us before:

    insight, perceptiveness, wisdom, joy, fulfillment and happiness, a calm mind,

    tuning into our higher self, and the continuous experience of loving ourselves and others.

    We are now invulnerable to the changing drama, and we no longer alienate ourselves.

    We have suffered enough!

    We no longer choose to create and inhabit a world of separateness.

    We will free ourselves--

    and our brothers and sisters---

    not by force, but by example,

    by working on ourselves,

    and loving and serving the world!

    by Ken Keyes, Jr. ("A conscious Person's Guide To Relationships")

    ---"The Twelve Pathways" are contained in this book----

    I hope you all were as blessed by the rich depth of this as I was!

    Light and Love!!


  • Quite wonderful. I will have to spend a little time on it is quite far reaching in it uses.

    Thank you and blessings

  • Hello Ibeleive!

    I agree with u that it is 'far reaching'! Glad you enjoyed it as well, I know it hit home with me : )

    Thank you and many blessings and enlightenment to you !

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