Captain- Can you please do a compatibility/psychic reading?

  • Dear Captain,

    I am in a relationship crisis of sorts and would like to know your thoughts on the following. I am in a long distance relationship with an old friend I haven't seen since college. We started talking again eight months ago as I just ended my marriage. I have always felt a very strong connection to this man. He is overseas, has admitted similar feelings but the timing is off. The last two months, I become pretty emotional, as my divorce was being processed. Things just hit home, and I started being too pushy with him about where thing stood. The last three weeks he has become distant. A week ago I got an email, where he stated he received two "signs" both making him think of me immediately. I responded kinda generally to this...he has really started backing away since then. I don't know what to do...if my heavy emotions has pushed him away, if he feels I am not that into him after my response to the signs email...I care deeply for him just so many factors playing into distance, including actual distance. We were thinking of meeting somewhere in a few months to see each other for the first time. I emailed recently to finalize and begin plans with no response.

    I am wondering about compatibility and if possible current state of things and feelings.

    Thank you if you are able to read for me...Me-3.1.1974...Him- 7.15.1973...

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