Name Change question...advice, please

  • This is regarding Chaldean numerology....

    I'm looking to change my name. I was actually named after my grandmother who has now died. I went through adoption and my name changed. I was wanting to go back to my birth name to honour her memory. Anyway, I'm finding that her or my original first name adds up to a number 12 =3 and when I read about 12 here , the number seems negative and with some possible 'destruction of the family unti'. Interesting that..... My first name now is actually positive which makes it harder to change to a number that may leave ill affects. I just really want to change back for matters of the heart.

    I have a middle name and double barrel-surname. My question is if I were to change my name back to my birthname, but my middle name and surnames are all positive good numbers, could they perhaps take the heat of my negative first name number away or block it's negative influence? I'll be honest my birthname was Anna. I have a different name now, so want to change it back. for my grandmother. I can't spell Anna any other just comes out to 12. I'm not a fan of it spelled as Ana and it's not our family name. The name Anna goes way back through out line.

    Please advise.......... I don't want to make changes that will put badly influence my life's outcome.

    Kindest regards...............

  • Birdybythe sea,

    Can you drop your middle name you now have and have it changed to Anna? Also, have you ever considerd Anna as a nick name? That way you can try the name out and see if any negative results from it.

  • Hello Shuabby,

    Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, I was considering dropping my current middle name as you mentioned. I had considered returning Anna as my first name, but putting a version of my current first name as a second first name or middle name and putting Anna ___ on legal and formal documents, but saying, but please call me........(a softer version of my current first name). My name total numbers add up okay if I do this, but I am still worried that I have Anna as a bad number to begin with. Would it affect my life with a negative influence....just because it exists and would be referred to...even if it's mostly formally?

  • Hello BirdyByTheSea,

    In the spiritual realm the number three is a Master spiritual number, meaning that the ascended masters are near and what to help you on your life's journey. This information I got from Doreen Virture Angel Numbers.

    I feel a fear from you that you may hurt your adoptive family if you change your name to Anna therefore causing some negative feelings. You are an adult and feel the need to include the name of Anna in your life. You can save it for a daughter if indecesion is to close at heart for you now.

    I will share with you that I went to a numerlogist and had my name reveiwed when I was twenty something. Honey it was not a good report, she told me to change my last name as quiclky as possible. I did not do so for many years and I feel like I had a good life just the same, as I had people that would come and help me out of the blue. I was luckey in most ways and can say that not changing my last name made me no difference in what life brought my way.

    Have a good day,


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