I need help please I lost watch and it's has sentimental value on me

  • Hello!!! Everyone I am really desperate to find my watch and I wonder why it's not on my side table. I usually put my jewel on my side table or in any place that I can easily see like tv, fridge, microwave, table any where that easily find sometimes my closet but I couldn't find it. I live by myself and i used to put my jewelry, money , key on the visual place. That watch is my collection and had sentimental value it's a gift. Please help me it makes me worried cos it's been two weeks and if I had a chance to have a look on my house I do and check it but I couldn't find it . It's totally weird and unusual to me.

  • Hi

    From ur question i saw it in a small wooden drawer fitting in a secretaire furniture or like it. I saw a small kid put it there. So i ask if u have a kid around who likes to take things replace them as a hide n seek game. I ask bc my youngest nephew has that thing going. Stuff we look for wind up in oddball places. HOWEVER i didnt deem the kid i saw as young as my nephew but older like 4 or 5 of age.

    I hope this helped


  • Hi! CWB..,I live by myself and there is no kids on my place and no kids who visited me. All my friends are adult . Have two friends who hold my key and that two is tested for a year that will never stop my stuff. I ask my friend to help me out last night and we check everything still can't find it . Normal I will put it on my side table or anywhere I have a spare key that my exbestfriend that holding my spare key but she had no key on the main door or in the foyer . We notice that this one is a bit envy to me that's why we fell apart by my watch is next to my jewelry and my jewelry. I fell so down cos I when to the shop and ask for serial number and it really cos much now a days . I real value my stuff . Pls help me

  • Dear annielan,

    I'm new at asking angels for their guidance on finding lost items. I normally just ask them directly to help me find something I've lost...especially Archangel Chamuel who is wonderful at this. So keep this in mind when you are looking for your watch, bring in your angels because nothing is lost in their eyes. Unless it's meant to be for other reasons.

    I just asked your angels what they can tell me about your watch, and I heard them say "bathroom". If you have more than one, I'm feeling it's one with pink in it.

    If you can't find it there, ask your angels to help direct you to it, or put it in your path. I'm feeling it's low rather than high up.

    Good luck!

    Miss Beth

  • thanx missbeth. i reckon my wires was crossed. happens.

    cwb 😞

  • Dear CWB,

    Hello! I am totally new to requesting guidance on lost items. They helped find a pair of keys for chocolatemoose here on the site, so I thought let's start asking as I know how frustrating it is to lose something. Your vision is about something that is for sure. And it's all about saying what we see, hear, know because something will ring a bell...sometime...someplace!

    Love to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Th Mank you so much Miss Beth and CWB ,I just came home and its 1:30 in the morning here right now.The weather was totally cold but I really, really, want to find it now .I am on my bed and tried to get warm but I will get up and have a look on my bathroom .I will call the angels now . I will let you know guys as soon as I found it kisses

  • Thank u so much missbeth mmwwaaahhh kisskiss n hugs

  • Hi! Miss Beth and CWB ,

    It's me again I wasn't able to check my watch at my bathroom I really can't stand up for the weather was totally cold,Anyways my place is studio type and I only have one bathroom . And when I check my bathroom still couldn't find it. Sometimes I felt nervous and sometimes calm. They always said that if you feel nervous that's the time that it's ready lost or gone. But at the moment I feel a bit calm the only worried that I have was my watch was on some other hand . It really makes me feel down if I think about it watch is my passion. I got a new one and everytime I'm thinking and seeing the boxes it makes me feel upset and now I decided to get insurance or put on the bank for safety deposit . I have several experience that I almost lost my other watch but it always comes back to me. I hope sooner or later my watch will surprised me and can wear it again . I will asked again my guardian angel I'm a bit distracted cos I am trying finished some paper works that I supposed to have my long week but I need to do some work. I'll appreciate you help my dearest friends . Kisses

  • Could it be u lost it elsewhere? a friends place?

  • CWB, I don't think so I know it's not good to point finger but I guess one of my friends have it . But I guess I was wrong I'm pretty upset and it's killing me honestly . Thanks kisses

  • as in he she took it as a purposed steal? if so u need to confront them. Like, i think i either lost my watch here or that u accidentally thought it was urs n it whoops was in ur bag/pocket?

    if u cant then if u want watch back to report it stolen

    in such there is NO way not to hurt someone if ya suspicious. if that friend has nicked it, is that someone truely a friend?

    in my book a true friend do not steal-period!

  • I agree CWB but I honestly confused cos there is no evidence and I had no feelings and they can afford . But my feelings was really funny sometimes . I felt nervous or calm sometimes. My mates knew it but I only had selected friends who I used to hang out and chilling out at my place. But will all effort I almost do the up side down in my house . Sometimes thinking blessing in this guy my neck lace and some rings did lost cos all this year I used to put my jewelry on one spot. I'm still hoping now but I knew it will upset me more if I didn't found it . Thanks a lot my dear for all the love and concern.. Kisses

  • ask ur angels n listen to the reply.

    question, r u more concerned with how u feel bc u trusted them n they ruined it by stealing from u? even well off people r known to b thiefs. its the thrill n boredome in life. can also b cleptomnania as in they know its wrong but theu r compelled to take stuff that aint theirs?

    so iof it seems they have stuff not useally their style ............... juss saying.

  • OMG! I agree with CW B but i would bother to point and name names cos I don't want them to be offended and friendship will fell a part . I am a bit cautious to people especial friends, i dunno..I only had 3 girl friend that hardly visiting me at my place but , When, I am thinking and recalling that day the 2 girl friend of mine was here and there is possibility and I was surprised cos my two perfume was open which is a gift to me.I actually had a hint but doesn't give up.many thanks and more blessings kissess

  • annie ................ no FRIEND opens up UNOPENED things WITHOUT ASKING. Thats just SO dang RUDE. I´d be furious. Friends dont do that. Im so pissed off on ur behalf. I dont call that a friend i call that a snoop, untrusty person n more. Annie she is NO FRIEND.

    I mean hell a friend would write down the names of the perfume gifts n go to a dang store to ask for a smell scent sample. Man its a violation of so many things.

    i need to go scrream

  • CWB,

    They very comfy on my place I am a give not a take and if you can read me I have a lot of issues with ex girlfriend they took advantage me money, and some material things , I kill them with kindness. I must be lucky cos I honestly can support myself and that is some how they get jealous to me but they didn;t realized its . It's always me when it comes to emergency there are times they almost do the shopping in my place and share some stuff that my family sending to me and the funny thing was two girl friend of mine and way back on my home town his a guy. are all cancerian. I found them envious on material things, My ex girlfriend use to have spare key of my place she have record to me and my best friend that even small thing were surprised that she will get it. I don't talk her may be my other friend last time I were tha watch I remember it was next to me on my side table. And if she will took that she supposed to get the jewelry next to the watch . I dont know but last christmas my dad gift to my best friend was watch and the same brand and she supposed to have it to but she messed up to me. And the funny thing till now she would bother saying sorry and I guess if she will bump me a long the road she will melt down. I am thinking of her but she doesn't have key on my foyer not unless someone gonna come and open the main door,,

  • time to change ur locks n get keys no one else but u have. start protecting ur stuff.

  • Your absolutely right its long weekend here and first thing in the morning I have to go at my bank to get my own safety deposit .And who ever have my watch I hoe she or he will enjoy it but one think for sure I can have it again and I feel sorry for who has it cos sorry but for me he or she is the lowest form of people that I know in this world disgusting to be pretencious and fooling their self.

  • hear hear n AMEN!

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