Shui for spare cash when you need it!

  • I just did it, as I am re-doing my taxes today.

    It said "cigar". So I rolled them the long way.

  • It sure sounds like a great plan to me, now i just have to wait until I have nine dollars. LOL We will get through this.....

  • Yeah, I posted this then found I only had four in my purse.LOL

    Going to the bank today though so I will be sure to get 1's.


  • I'll have mine in a day or two also, then I just have to make sure it serves its purpose and is out of sight out of mind.

  • do 9 euros work too?

  • Of course.

    It is a chinese thing so it was based on yen originally. What ever is normal currency for your area/country will do.


  • While I am an open-minded person, I am also a skeptic. That said, like I stated here, I did put the $9 in my fridge last weekend before I finished my tax return.

    I already knew I owed the IRS but I then remembered 2 things that reduced the bill. And I had one of those ah-ha moments that reduced the bill even further.

    3 days later I was talking to a friend I do work for in the summer. He mentioned that someone else is doing the same thing he is but on opposing weeks and wondered if I'd be interested in him trying to get me that job as well. Huh, I had kind of had plans for two of those nights.... but the money can't be beat so..... hell ya!!! Don't know the outcome but I'm taking it if it happens.

    Today I got the bill for the work done on my car two weeks ago. I had told this guy (who I also work for) what a friend would charge me if said friend had the time. He told me he couldn't match that which I didn't expect. Today he figured out the bill and decided to just cover the guys pay who did the work - which ends up being LESS than what my friend would have charged me! <whew!>I seriously thought I was going to be working for free all summer!</whew!>

    So while cash has not yet flown into my hands, what I expected is not flowing OUT and to me that is just as good. πŸ™‚

    Dig up your $9 folks and get to it!


  • WOW, YellowDaylily,

    That's awsome!!!

    It reminds me of the time I did a special abundance ritual with the intent to win the lottery. Oh, I did not say it was for the lottery but that is what I wanted it for. Well I did not win but me and my husband both ended up on mandatory paid overtime for the next three months and while we liked and wanted the extra money, neither of us wanted to spend any more time at our jobs in getting it.

    I ended up haveing to undo it by wishing for additional family time instead.LOL

    I still haven't done mine. I got the cash from the bank to do it and then chickened out as I was afraid I end up with a job I could not refuse. I'm rethinking how to set the intention.


  • WOW! I must try this. It's a joke at my house that we are always broke around May--my birthday month----have no idea what's up with that---and does anybody else have a certein month of the year that this happens? I'm going to try the 9 bill cigar. I'm probably going to have to hide it! in the fridge.

  • My birthday is in January. And here I thought I was always a bit short that month because of the holiday bills commng in, the prperty taxes and insurance policies being due, etc. Now I find out its because its my birth month. That's too weird!

    At the end of dec. I'm definitely going to try this one "cigar style". Now I just hope I remember it. LOL

  • I didn't even voice an "intent", I just followed the instructions! πŸ™‚

    About the other job, it's a few hours one night a week - hard hours but the pay is just wonderful.

    Too funny about the OT and having to rephrase your desires!

    And trust me, in general I am the first person who says I don't even have .09 much less $9, but I did have some one's kicking around and figured if I really needed it, it wasn't gone, it was just sitting in the fridge. Every once in awhile I catch a glimpse of it though and I have a double take when seeing green in there LOL


  • This morning I called a friend about buying something from him, and turns out he may be looking for help. πŸ™‚

  • And it just keeps comming. Such a great start for a turn around!!!


  • Still just breaking even though since expenses keep rising like crazy

  • Hey! Did this really work for any of You? I am thinking of trying it.

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