Shui for spare cash when you need it!

  • The following is from Ellen Whitehurst. Now half the time, I think her cures are from some gypsy tradition rather than Feng Shui but do we really care as long as they work?

    “Just in case you could use some spare cash come tax time, Feng Shui has a cure that brings hard and cold money right to your refrigerator door. This philosophy promises quick, cold hard cash simply by following easy abundance Shui. Stack nine one dollar bills one atop the other, then roll them up so they look like a cigar. Wrap the roll with an elastic band, or tie it with nine or 198 inches of red or green thread, yarn, ribbon or string, and then place it on any shelf in the back of your refrigerator. But never put prosperity in the freezer, as there's the potential of freezing your assets. But when placed with the intent of quick cash, this refrigerator cure will have you eating out of my hands while feeling fine about the impending taxman who cometh!”


  • Incentive

  • Hi Ibelieve, what if us canadians don't use $1.00 bills or $2.00 bils do you think the loonies which are our one dollar coins would work..:( I would like to try this...

    Namaste Ibelieve


  • Oh, yeah, definitely!

    See there are already a circular thing and when stacked and tied with robbon, they form a roll.

    So, as my former boss used to say, "Just Do It!"


  • ibeleive do you think this would work any time not just at tax time?

  • Yes.

    Ellen, picks her topic to coordinate with whatever day it is (somewhere around the world) but the cures/hints are good anytime.

    If you time it with the New Moon each month you can use it like an abundance check (the new moon is the time for wishes)

    Must remeber to replace the roll with a new roll each time. Don't try to just re-roll the old one as most of the magic/luck/desire is comming from the energy you put into it. Like anything else, it goes stale and needs refreshing.


  • angel hugs for all

    I heard this before some years ago.

    At that time I just but a number of coins in a jar in the back of the fridge.

    Would a roll of the coin work the same as a roll of bills?


  • Yes

  • I meant to add see above and hit submit. See what happens when your trying to get in some forum time while eating lunch.

    Probably not good for digestion either.LOL

  • angel hugs

    Ibelieve, thank you


  • Never heard that one! I do keep coins in a nice looking jug in sight as you open the front door---of course my son raids the silver! So mostly, pennies---in fact I have another big decorative floor jug with pennies near the door as well---is supposed to attract money coming in. When the recession first hit and it was at it's worst I rolled a ton of pennies! I must say---I've always gotten by---living on the edge. When I was young a psychic told me I would always get by. Maybe it was true--or maybe I decided to believe it. I had a psychic older lady who told me when I was a child to say a prayer out loud when you are in dire straights "please bring me the money I need" three times---then release it. Boy I've used that one all my life! Now at my age I am more into abundance as a way of life and get the mind body spirit thing--the connection. I feel this past year opened up that golden door. I still believe in small fixes but now I see abundance as more than just money---it's a total energy shift--mind body spirit. Also, in retrospect---my younger days---I needed to learn more---and being broke sure is a great motivater that challanges you on so many levels. I just thought of something funny--the dollar bills in the fridge---cold cash?! Remember that saying?

  • You know I would love to have a ton of money and if I had worked in that direction with that in mind I am sure I would have gotten it. But I love diversity too much to be that singularly driven.

    I freely admit this and the type of life to bring in that kind of cash just would not sit with me well. With money comes a certain responcibility I don't wish to incur, I like my freedom to do as I please with little constraints and only tose I myself set.

    So, I may not be rich in cash but I do well and I am so blessed with the diversity and freedom to choose that I treasure. Would not change it but I would not turn down winning the lottery either. I would split it up between my family (cause I don't want thm comming to me for money and causing a rift between us and put some of it to work and some in house and home and some in bank (or bury LOL) and then donate to a good cause. Probably to do with children and the earth.

    Then go back to doing whatever I fancy for the moment.


    Of couorse now that you mention it, my dad had a huge lion piggy bank right by the front door and he never lacked for funds. HMMMM!

  • i LIKE THE PENNY JAR IDEA, ITS FUNNY i HAVE ALLOT OF PENNIES THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE IN DIFFERENT..(oops sorry about caps).jars,dishes,cups you name it lol, maybe I'll get my 11 year old daughter to help and put them in one jar beside our front door...interesting..."COLD, HARD CASH" HEHE. THAT WOULD HELP GET HER MOVING..



  • I don't understand what means ' place it on any shelf in the back of your refrigerator."

    does this mean inside the refrigerator ?? or outside on the back inside some shelfs??

    that sounds funny but I will give it a try. 🙂

    thank you !

  • BUT remember NEVER the freezer as in freezing your assets!!!

  • so is it inside the refrigerator, but not in the freezer?? sorry I am not getting it. 🙂

  • On the back of any shelf inside the fridge

    Not the freezer

  • Thank You YellowDaylily !

  • Welcome! 🙂

  • Now this is one I am going to try.

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