2011 April 14

    by wemustknow.koen

    .All credits go to Kerry Cassidy


    I am putting this in writing so there is no confusion. Based on my dream (and now after hearing subsequent events at your end) I believe you are being targeted because you possess this information. Therefore I am going to release it from my end so that this goes viral and you cannot be targeted any longer. I do this without your consent and take full responsibility. Whereas in my view this information contains gross inaccuracies, I believe that it is being used by Charles (and group) as a sort of ‘power over you’ by them so that they can use that as leverage to make you think you have something they ‘don’t want out there’ and therefore you are perceived as a sort of threat….

    The only way to deal with such coercion is to make the whole thing public. There is no reason not to..

    Having me release it will remove the pressure from you and also since I will strongly emphasize this is distorted and ego centric on their part it will hopefully force the situation into a whirlpool of disinfo and eliminate this nonsensical targeting and implied threat.

    Let the chips fall where they may.

    Again, because it is not information with the ring of truth it will go the way of all such information eventually. It is only because you give it power that it has any over you at all.

    In the spirit of Camelot, and the best place to hide is out in the open I release this info.



    Pages 1 & 2 of the letter are just personal and not included…

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  • Okay sorry can't enter everything, talks about a war between the Human Race and a Reptilian Race, Aliens.

    It' on We must know dot net

    Check it out, very interesting.

  • Yeah right. Someone somewhere is laughing with his/her joke on innocent people. Don't worry about it.

  • You can copy this charts and make them larger. Peace.

  • Dear Poetic. I feel i should apologize for me rushing to discard as false something i haven't even bothered to read carefully. It's just that over the years i've received all kinds of e-mails saying crazy things, stating that if i didn't forward them something awful would happen to me soon etc etc. I've also come across many false prophets who preach spiritual uplifting, great changes that will happen really soon because of 2012 mayan prophecies, stuff like that. But when i googled 1999 prophecies i found out many self-proclaimed psychics back then were saying the exact same things we hear today. Nostradamus then, Mayans today, something else tomorrow. Personally i beleive (pun intended lol) nothing significant will happen in 2012. The world will continue to be the cruel place it is and has always been, because it is supposed to be that way. Imagine what we all would do if this was a perfect world. We would be satisfied, complacent and never search for the truth, thus embarking on our journey towards the light.

    Of course these are my personal views, all i'm trying to say is we must be suspicious of everything we hear or read, there are a lot of people writing weird stuff for fun or selling books.

    And of course there also are the real prophets and psychics among us to guide us.

    Again, if i offended you, made you angry or feeling bad, i am truly sorry.

    Peace, Panos.

  • Nah, no offense at all, everything are just points to ponder. I know that there has been a battle going on for eon's fromt he time of Atlantis till now, I keep an open mind thats all, I always say I know nothing that way I can sponge everything in and dissect it. 🙂

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