Captain- Can you please do a compatibility reading?

  • This friendships bodes best for friendship and worst for marriage. It is often mainly concerned with the transmission of ideas, whether in a financial, social or spiritual sense or as entertainment. The spotlight can be on the relationship itself or on what it is trying to say. There is a throughly practical sensibility between you, even though you are both watery emotional signs. You Greenii are not known for your materialistic side but in a relationship with your old friend, you can learn a great deal about the world and how it works, financially, politically and socially. You two are less interested in money for its own sake and more in what can be done with it to improve the quality of life.

    A love affair here can be highly sensuous but also sensitive and understanding. You will usually take the time to get to know one another again, using your quiet time together to reach new levels of peace and contentment. But your relationship also has an outrageous and uninhibited side that it puts on for show. Humour can play a key role here, particularly when of the ironic and sarcastic sort. However, marriage is not recommended unless you are both willing to undergo serious adjustments to each other's needs and to be willing to compromise and be flexible.

    You two friends may meet in your student years and continue such a relationship until much later in life. Your bond is a hunger not necessarily for learning but for social maturation and development. Moving away from the role of student and into the role of teacher will be a highly satisfying experience and is often the most positive direction this relationship can take as you age.

    Your friend is very ambitious with a thoroughly workable set of goals. He does tend to get bottled up emotionally though and may fail to integrate his sensitivity adequately with his worldly ambitions. Yet his great strength is his persuasive ability which is tinged with a sense of passion and inspiration. But he can also use it to manipulate others. He can also become relationship dependent (he either becomes too dependent on his partner or makes her dependent on him) - the best types of friends and partners for him are strong-minded, independent souls who have the will to withstand his manipulations and to whom he can feel safe in exposing his sensitive side as he is overly touchy to criticism (or what he sees as criticism or rejection). However, his discriminaton in romance is not good and he has made some disastrous mistakes in this area due to his co-dependence tendencies and powerful self-protectiveness.

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