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  • My boyfriend and I, both Leos (08/18/89 me)(07/26/87 him) are on what I believe to be, the end of our 3 year relationship. I am unhappy and we have nothing in common except for our daughter. We don't want the same things long term and thus I see no point in continuing the relationship much longer based on the fact that we have a child. For the last 3 months I have grown very close with his friend, a Taurus (05/19/81). We have multiple things in common, similar long term goals. We both care for eachother greatly and taurus knows how unhappy I am. Whenever some function (ie the birth of my goddaughter, baptisms, driving lessons) come up, he's the one to come to them/do them with me. My Leo, never takes an interest, nor does he pretend to. Taurus and I do things together weekly, walking, snack outtings, and just getting to know eachother better. Taurus and I have talked about the taboo.. "What if we had the chance.. " conversation and for now, Taurus wants to focus on his education goals. I plan on leaving Leo soon and I truly think I am falling for Taurus. Taurus has considered things like moving for a job later on and whether it would be wise to add myself and a child into his quite responsible but unsure at the moment life. How do you see this working out? Does Taurus feel the same as I do about him? Will this work itself out down the road for the better? Please help!

  • You and your boyfriend: this is not a good relationship for marriage. Love is tricky here as you can both be rather idealistic/unrealistic about your love partners. In fact the most intriguing and fulfilling love relationship here - ironically - might be a hidden affair, which arouses a wide spectrum of feeling and expression. It excites and stimulates both of you. Such a clandestine relationship may go on for years, and can help both of you get through difficult times you may be having with other people. But conflicts will occur because you are both dominating people who like to wield power exclusively. Yet it can be done - sharing duties and responsibilities without strife or resentment is possible if you both try hard enough. But it's easier when there is no personal or intimate involvement. Friendship is much easier here - it allows emotions to be more openly expressed without fear of censure. Indeed as friends, you two would display outstanding loyalty and devotion. Fun is more a part of this type of relationship than in a love match where it is often forgotten.

    You and the Taurus man: This is challenging for love. The biggest hurdle in this relationship is acknowledging personal emotions. Each person's feelings must be mastered or else emotional repression will lead to depression, anxiety and frustration. You two must try to understand and accept not only your own and each other's feelings but those of people around you and you must apply that understanding in social situations. Feelings must be dealt with maturely and with patience, trust, and understanding. These qualities don't come easily to either of you but they are not unrealistic goals and can be attained with hard work. You two both share three problems - a lack of deep self-understanding, a low threshold of patience, and a capacity for considerable self-involvement. Love and marriage can worsen such tendencies to the point where the relationship might not last long enough to implement some of the emotional management it needs. However if your love is deep enough, it can be acccompanied by a willingness to endure the necessary hard work. You friend will be anxious to please you and can exhibit rather an unformed ego, while you have a big ego and can ride roughshod over other people's. You may end up dominating him if you are not careful and he will come to resent it. If emotions, selfishness, and impatience are not kept in check in this relationship, it will fail - and fail painfully.

  • Thanks so much for the quick response.. I just know that at this point in my life I am at a crossroads and really have no idea which road to take. Knowledge is power and insight is a blessing! Do you see happiness for me with either of these men long term?

  • No, not unless you deal with the problems in the relationships - and both people must be willing to do the work which the Taurus guy will find especially hard. The Leo won't want to admit he could be wrong either.

  • Thanks Captain.. I really have no clue about my life anymore and I appreciate your insight..:)


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