How to talk to a Libra guy?!

  • Yes we are very good listeners. And we try so hard to be fair that we are more fair to the other person than we are to ourselves! On that we are out of balance.

  • Tell us how to get a libra male to trust love n loving feelings after being viciously burnt by another woman?

  • Tell me how to get any man to do that. Even a woman will be a little hesitant to trust right away.

  • I would suppose the old adage: Time heals all wounds may come into play. I do know that from

    my point of view.. Actions speak louder than words every time. As usual :] LibrasLair will tell

    me if I'm right on this one but...We rarely forgive and Never forget. & most important I guess

    Be genuine and completely honest with us...We can handle the truth..Even if it's not what we

    like or wanna hear . This just coming from 1 Libra guy.

  • Midnyte your right I will agree with all that you said. Completely. There have been many times I had to grin and bare it when I listened to the truth. But if you don't want to hear the truth then you shouldn't ask. I tell the truth and I expect it in return, hurt or not. A lot of the time if asked something I don't take the time to think before I speak but its also a sign that I didn't take the time to make up something. Sometimes I have tried not to say something that won't hurt and I kind of bite my tongue and you can tell by that I don't really want to answer. When your cut so deep that it aches inside it will be a while before you let someone come in that close. So you wait and watch and listen. We watch and gage. It could be months before we drop the wall some.

  • Said it before.. I'll say it again. Your so smart! : ] One other thing & maybe just a personal trait

    & not Libra like. When I do decide to {return fire} ...I , without hesitation or the blink of an eye

    launch the most hurtfull and cruel things at the other person. Words that I know will cut to the

    core. All truths now mind you. I despise lies & as you said We never take the time to make up things.

    Apologies to all for going off the subject matter here. Hopefully it gives a little more insight into

    the Libra male mind.

  • hi;

    I am sorry but my advice is to run away from Libra men as fast as you can. I honestly do not believe that they are capable of love. The problem I found with Libras is that they look very into you, but in fact they kind of do that with everyone- not only you. By the time you notice that is kind of too late.

    Take my advice- NEXT!.. Pick someone who really means what they say.

  • ...Well I do not think it shold matter.. burnt or not. For me is like the first time every time.

    I think is a matter of presonality. So what if you fell down, get up and run again..

    This is just me.. but I am a Sunny Leo!

  • Thanks Deema!! I'm an Aries girl and I just started seeing a Libra man. We fell in love instantly! He is so polite, thoughtful, and very loyal. He too likes to look at the ladies but it's nothing I get jealous about, I know he loves me. Being in love with a Libra is the best thing that ever happened to me. We match up perfectly!

  • this all interesting and true. I'm a Scorpio woman in love with a Libra guy. I have Libra rising. I have no idea what his ascendant is. I know he has a Cancer moon and I have an Aries moon.

    It's been an up and down relationship from the beginning. He is in another state and so we communicate via writing a lot. Being a Scorpio, I can be passionate and loving, faithful to the core, but when he ignores me or gets quiet, which he does from time to time, I can fire off a letter that cuts him deep. I've "broken up" with him a few times. I honestly don't know how much more he will take of that. I get angry with him and my Scorp comes out. Most of the time my Libra rising will temper my inner chaos.

    I find that when I let him do the talking he's happy. He is a lover of the ladies too and if I didn't have faith in his deep love for me I'd have kicked him to the curb a long time ago. My Libra man doesn't realize when he hurts me and I'm the one that has to point it out. When I do, our moons come out and my assertive Aries tells it like it is and his emotional Cancer gets all weepy. Decisions don't come easy for him at all as he weighs each choice over and over again. Sometimes I spare him and make the choice for him, other times I let him struggle until nothing is decided.

    This all sounds so horrible on "paper", but our love is deeper than any I've experienced before. I think that it is important to share interests, being Scorpio/Libra, because I think that if we had nothing in common we wouldn't get along. We are so much alike, we've actually verbalized our fear of destroying each other. Secretly, I think he's afraid I'm going to destroy him. I'm not nearly as outwardly emotional or loving as he is, but that's one thing that I love the most about him. Maybe I see in him what I wish I could be. He knows me though and calls me on it when my walls are up. He also tells me to be kind and nice. I'm learning. 🙂

    Be careful not to hurt him unecessarily. For I think that they can only take so much of it before they run away from you, but always tell the truth. As far as a Libra man not capable of love? I disagree. I think that they are capable of too much love and that can be their biggest fault.

  • Hey Midnyte I do the samething except I don't go for the juggular with a loved one. But that's because I have never judged phyical things. Which my first husband did and I would say why do you go there I never say anything about you only having one eye? I draw the line there. But anything else is fair game if you have continued to hurt me. Now its on. And after we were divorced and he started in on me, there was one time that I had all I could take and I let him know what I thought about his manhood. Later I found out that sent him into treatment. Oh well he made me feel so inadequate in the 16 yrs. of marriage I let him know that I found out it wasn't me who had a problem so that's the only time that comes to mind as to really cut someone to the quick. HighPo9 there might have been some other planets in the problem you had with Libras. They get along very well for the most part. Because if we can get past them always wanting to be the center of attention and their slogan of "what yours is mine and what's mine is mine" we really make them look good. They usually spend time being messy and we have to go behind them picking up and organizing. We know what they need or want done before they do. And the women love their children and are like the lioness, fine with letting someone else tend to the kids. Where as the Lion is very paternal. But I have always been very close friends with Leo's male and female. Must be something else causing the problem not the sun signs!

  • Okay, so I don't know if this has been said already, but I'll put my piece in. I have a lot of very close Libra guy friends, and they are all the most easy going, level headed guys I've ever met. The best way I can think of to get close to them is just to be yourself. Talking is the main thing. I have the best conversations with my Libra guy friends, because they always love to talk about different, unusal things and our conversations always go places that leave me in tears of laughter. So, just ask them about that crazy thing you saw in the newspaper, or did you hear about this space mission to whatever planet? I know it sounds dorky, but all my friends love information like that. And they are very non-judgemental, so don't worry about how you sound or look.

    Just remember to be very casual, loose, and yourself!

  • I'm a virgo in love with a libra man! He is the most, like most of you have said, level headed person I know. He'd go out of his way to help any one who he thought could benefit from his advice/presence. My libra can't take criticism very well, but being a virgo I am overly critical at times. I know my libra loves getting his ego boosted, and the more I do it, the more he'll shine...and the more he'll talk about himself and his accomplishments!! I can second everyone's comments on conversation. Never have I encountered someone who could talk about everything and nothing for hours. He is witty and humorous ....but uses this in serious situations which can annoy me at times! He's an amazing lover, can be passionate and rowdy 😉 The libra man loves women who interact with him whether it be conversation or a game, he just wants to conversate. My libra loves interaction with people, so much so that I've learned that he MUST be social or it will have a detrimental effect on his life. My libra is a flirt too...but I am as well. He's loyal and one of the most amazing people I've met.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have seen the charm of Libra males, and fallen for one, unfortunately.

    I have gone through HELL because of loving him.

    Many women have gone through hell over a libra man.

    There are some exceptions to the rule but I have only known the Libra males that give all Libras a bad name.

    I have had some Libra males as friends ONLY, friend's husband and observed his behavior with her, and had the unfortunate experience of falling in love with a Libra male.

    read this forum topic:

  • Hello everyone. First off I'd like to say how much I enjoy logging on these forums and learning from others experiences. I'm a scorpio with libra rising and a capricorn moon. My bday is 10/24 which classifies me as a cusp. My partner is a libra with a libra moon. His bday is 9/24 which also makes him a cusp of libra/virgo.

    I'm really glad I logged on to read this posr, as I am really heart broken by libra currently. We have been together for over 7 1/2 years together. He has a 12 yr old son that is very hard to raise. Anyhow, we are apart from each other right now, because our relationship together is getting worse because we BOTH keep hurting each other with hurtful things we say to one another. I miss him very much right now and wish we could work through this.

    the things I've learned about my libra man, are somewhat a lil different than what I see in my libra. I will say that he is VERY indecisive! He is flirty too with all women, and he has cheated on me twice before. I know that libras are the scales of the zodiac, but often they should give libras the zodiac symbol....CHAMELEON!! I say this bc I've been in love w 2 libras. My current and my ex. I notice that they are socially dependent in theiir lives, and always feel the need to "BLEND" w the mix they are in. Hence my comment on chameleon. It seems they have a very difficult time following through w wat they say. YES, I do enjoy ALL of the talks we have together, we talk about so many interesting topics that I don't really care to share w others. He is a good lover to me and I appreciate all that we have shared together. But as for loyalty, I can olny agree to that to an extent. I feel he is not loyal to the people he loves most.I don't understand and would love if someone can help me to understand y he is this way, I guess this was my problem w my ex libra too. My libra is more attentive to people he considers good friends, when all they do is use him. Even though he knows this, he still continues to let the same people walk all over him. This hurts me ALOT! I am loyal to the ones I love and am very protective with people I love and care for. As for listening, he is a good listener.....but at the same time....he is not good with remembering what we talk about. This a HUGE problem! I say this bc we spend countless hours talking about solutions to our relationship problems to help make us better together, and he can never remember all that was even said. GRRRR!!! How fn frustrating!!

    I would love to share more, but at this time.....I can't! It hurts too much to come realizations that my libra is not respectful of my heart or feelings. Right now, I am still trying to get past the words of rejection! Even though I am hurting....he screamed in my face and said he doent fn care! To me I think that is by far one of the most hurtful things anyone has ever said to me. I came to him for comfort because I was feeling low, he said, he doesn't care and he wants me stay away from him. After being together for almost 8 yrs........his feelings and wors to me has crushed my world, dreams, hope and faith to ever being happy together again. 😞

  • Well.. From what I read here. I'm an exception to the rule. I've always been as loyal as a dog. If I love someone. I don't want to be with anyone else!. Just the way it is. I hate to fight. I'll gladly disagree & discuss the issues at hand. Yes It's true that we do blend well in (Most) enviorments & social settings. I myself even though never being affluent. Do best and am most comfortable with the upper class except when they have the superiority attitude. I've found the the people with the most assets seem to also be the most down to earth. I'm friendly but NOT flirty. Actually although I love to show off my humorous side I'm a lil shy till I get to know people.

  • The way to a libras heart is thru their eyes. They love pretty things so try to look your best. And read a little bit of everything, throw a little question out from some article you've read and then let them talk and talk, when they apologize for monopolizing the conversation say no no I'm learning so much I was married to a libra, they really do go for the pretty girl who thinks they are so smart. Easy pickins

  • Hey everyone... so if I (female leo) wants to get the attention, or speak to a libra man how should I do it?? The do's? And don'ts?

  • Coming from just one Libra guy here: Simply be yourself. Cleverness and or humor will definintly capture my att.

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