How to talk to a Libra guy?!

  • Hey 😄 I'm a scorpio girl, in love with a Libra guy. Long and complicated story, but I want to know tips on good ways to talk to Libra's in

  • My experience with a Libra man is that they have a gift for interesting conversations. He responded to wit and humor. They are the scales so they weigh things out. Our attraction to each other (I am a Leo) was mental more than anything. We would talk on the phone for hours and hours.

  • LOL. For some reason. Being involved with us is always complicated. Sealaska pretty much hit the nail on the head..

    Being a Libra man for 47 yrs now :] I can tell you this. We are passionate as they come. I'm also loyal as a dog If I'm involved with someone.

    Honesty is EXTREMELY important. Even if we don't like what you have to say. As long as you talk to us & not at us. All the while trying to be fair to

    others and in life we can handle it. Well.. It seems I'm going on & on here. Hope I've also lended some consturctive insight.

    1 more thing..... Actions speak volumes to a Libra man over and above anything you can say.

  • Ummm.. Constructive too :]

  • The Libra man I was involved with was unfaithful to his wife. I gave him the ultimatum to pick and he stayed. What I couldn't figure out is that he had us two and then he was out looking for more online. We had a very strong connection between us even when we are not together I feel we communicate through our dreams and sometimes I can smell his scent on my pillow or just drifting by me.

  • Hi there!

    My hubby and I are both Scorps. He has a Libra guy-friend, been friends many yrs... This guy lives far away and calls my hubby a lot to " talk". Well, it's basically a Libran monologue!!! So I don't know this guy's whole natal chart, but oh brother! With him, better be a great listener! He's very bright and full of himself! That's my only experience with a Libra guy...

    Take Care everyone,


  • Hi, this is my first time posting on here - and guess what - I married a Libran man nearly 3 years ago and I have to agree with the libran guy who says they are complicated - but then so am I !!!! My Libran is a mixture of all the things above. He's so fair and giving of nature he seems just too good to be true, and even to this day I have to stand back to see if I'm being had over or if this guy is for real. Its very hard to believe someone can be so open to your suggestions and so fair in his allowing me to be just who I am - its purely unconditional, honest!!! BUT he also has an eye for the ladies - they are the most flirtatious of the zodiac!!! - and though I can accept that when he's with the boys, I don't accept it when he nearly falls over screwing his head around to take a second look!!! The most difficult thing about him is he can't make his mind up (nor can I - yikes), so even buying something like a takeaway can become very complicated - being Arian I make a quick decision, but then when he starts shall I/shan't I, that makes me get confused and the whole thing gets sooooo complicated, its almost easier to go in the kitchen and cook !!!! And thats just a takeaway. He's like it with everything and finds change veeeeery difficult because he can't make his mind up - which is soooooo frustrating. So thats my Libran man. But I love him all the same and his fairness of mind makes him a pretty good catch. I also know that though he likes looking at the girls, he is very loyal to me, which is great. Hope this helps. Lotsaluv xxxx

  • Hello Deema!

    I'm glad you posted, you're a wonderful writer. I have to say-so very many of my gal-pals are Aries girls! I'm a Scorpio (married to a Scorpio!).

    I have a fun, free and refreshing time with you rams!!! Well, most of the time...I love the " let's go for it!" energy! You know, it's funny about your Libran man...I have the worst time with small descisions, but big ones don't phase me? And there's a bunch of Libra in my chart...hmmmmmm.

    To me, it sounds like you two are a great match! And I feel that guys in general just HAVE to flirt, or atleast look at the girls!!! So it doesn't bug me!

    Talk later, Lisa

  • Hiya

    Ive known my libra man for uh 10 years now n boy we have had our ups n downs, fights laughs n more. i agree to much of what deema said. I couldnt help but laugh. Its so accurate.

    I´ll add, speak with ur libra on topics he finds intriguing, mayb open his att, to interests u have which may enthrall him also. I know i did with mine n boy did i get a long letter on that alone lol.

    Otherwise i´ll juss say libra´s makes u wanna on one hand hung n kiss the living daylight out on, or clobber with a baseball bat n a shovel. Dentist playing is another game in order to get anything out of em. Reminders too ....................... they claim they dont forget well ..,. they do LOL

    Deema thank u 4 reminding me how i love my libra, no one makes my blood dance the way he does. Oh ah n 4 all who wanna do libra males, allow him the pace setting. Bc trust me if u dont they will do a awol n adios vanish .............................. hmmmmmm

  • I have been seeing a Libra for about 6 months and sometimes it seems like he doesn't really want to even talk? Is this normal? We can talk on the phone and then he will say things like "Ok, is there anything else because if not I'm gonna go" It kind of bothers me because I would be happy to just listen to him talk about nonsense sometimes... I am a Cancer btw.. I am completely in to him.. Any suggestions?

  • Oh yes, they can go long without voicing ANYTHING. Most annoying n juss when u feel ok adios he responds n u´re caught him his web. Libras r very deep long deep thinkers. They get an issue, they think onit for a long long time, then once mayb done, they forget what it was 4 something else, n if u remind it starts all over again. The trick is to talk to em with what gets ém going, which means find what he is interested to, inspired by, loves to, invoke this in ya chit chat. i found libras prefer writing over talk, bc it enables them to write down all they wanna say without saying it, bc their minds gets distracted in verbal forms. At least thats how my libra layed it out when i asked can we do phone aswell.

    anyhews juss keep at it but dont expect an reply when u want him to. With libras u cannot ever rush them n when u do ask urself u seriously dont want to lol

  • My experience with my Libra is that we talk for hours and hours. It must be just your friend who is not much into communicating.

  • WE Do! lol..

  • U do what?? LOLOLOLOL

  • We can talk for hrs on a variety of subjects or important matters.... Umm If we care about em that is

  • I would hope that you have some of the same interests. Libras love to learn and if they can learn more from talking to you on something you both have in common great. If they can learn about something that they don't know anything about even better. But it must be interesting or you will loose them. They will be willing to teach you what they enjoy and there you go hours later, you both are happy.

  • You could get him some little something that pertains to his interests. It doesn't have to be expensive but it will show your thinking of him. If he is into cars you can get him a magazine that will interest him. If its hobby anything will let him know that he is important in your life. We don't always have to have you spend alot on us. His favorite foods or snack. Well I hope that helps. That will work on any Libra man. Or woman.

  • I grow roses so if someone gave me a catalog on them I would be extemely happy. See its the little things.

  • Just always tell them they are Rightt!!!!! >>>>>>they like to control the conversation and when they cant they turn passive aggressive......but really brewing up tension inside....which comes out as criticism and sometimes slander.

  • Oh your wrong in most cases . We don't mind listening and learning at all. We also are fair as can be, unless pushed the wrong way.

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