Why is there so much bad hype about Cancer with Aries?

  • I'm a cancer and he's an aries, he's sweet, funny, loyal, we have the same interests and ideals, and we never get bored with each other, even after YEARS of dating and now were engaged. and I've dated and befriended many aries with practically no issues whatsoever, in fact I get along with them better than any other sign. and me and my fiancee' have little to no "good" aspects in our charts. I just don't get why everyone thinks these two signs are a bad combination 😕

  • I totally agree with your comments. My ex was a cancer and I am an Aries (we broke up more due to circumstance than anything to do with the people we are/were - long story). I have never met anyone in my life since that has captivated me to such a level and he was the only person to actually contain my strong headed arian ways! I felt a calmness around him, I liked that alot and I miss it (and him!)There has been so much written about the cancer and aries pairing and how it is not such a good idea. The cancerian sensitivities vs the frankness of the arian do not make for a great match they say - but if you can learn from each other and be flexible in your approach - just like in any other relationship where there is bound to be some areas of tension/conflict- it can work. At the end of the day we are all individuals, it is not about zodiac signs and so it is up to us to decide how much of the each others 'bad aspects' we can put up with or learn to overcome which dictates the longivity of the pairing.

    I was never bored with my cancer man and I still treasure the time we had together - especially our conversations.

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