Shuabby Love advice please :(

  • Hi Shuabby

    Are you picking up that he is attached to another woman?? And yes he is very sweet but he is a single dad and his ex is in the USA. HE came on very strong and we have been dating for about 3 months.... He has already said he is in love (which i dont believe ) and would like to move in with me..... i feel we are getting distant

    Ron. 19.09, 72

    Elena 30.09.69

    So i am very skeptical

    Please any more insight will help me but what you have said makes alot of sense 🙂


    Elena 🙂

    Do u get any vibes on Marriage or children??

  • Hi Elens,

    He still has feelings for his ex which is normal believe it or not. He does have deep feelings in connection to you, however you are wise to take it slower with him. You are guarding your heart now and want to make sure this man meets your check list so to speak.

    I do feel marriage for you next year, the first six months will see an engagement ring on your finger. There will be no more skepticzision. You will have a child of your own a son is what I'm being told by spirit. I hear the name of Mark connected to this child for some reason. Look forward with assurance that love and happiness will soon meet you and proceed to greet you throughout your marriage.


  • awwww thanks alot Shuabby.... u have filled me with great hope 🙂 i already do have a son and yes he does have a Biblical name , its Adam 🙂 So if i do have another son yes I will name him Mark 🙂

    I will keep u posted.... my heart cant take any more damage..... andyes I do like Ronald alot...



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