Divorce = Relationship?

  • Dear Captain:

    In early November 0f 2003 I met a man who, at the time, was separated, but not divorced. We became friends and his status is still the same, but appears to be changing. This always seemed to keep him from entewring into a relationship with me. Will he finally divorce and the two of us get togethewr as a couple? Him: 07/18/56 Me 11/121/56

    Thank you!

  • Sorry...that's 11/11/56

  • With respect Scorpio reader, have you been more than friends over this time?

    Awfully long time, gosh 8 years?

    Is he still separated or back with his wife? Confused?

    Just curious, I am not gifted x

  • Yes I still know him. He's been separated over 11 years & no he never went back to his wife. There is a very long story attached to the friendship.

  • Scorpioreader, I'm afrais this combination is badly aspected for marriage - it seems very unlikely it will ever happen or be successful. You both have many dreams and aspirations but your motivation and willpower may not be commensurate with your desires. Subtle disappointments and setbacks, real or imagined, can undermine the relationship's thrust and wear down its determination. Too often you both will settle for a comfortable niche in which you keep dreaming about making a success of your lives some day. There is a deep feeling between you, an empathic connection that can be counted on in times of trouble. Yet you two tend to get too easily satisfied and rarely demand enough of each other to prompt you to evolve and grow and move forward. Physical comfort and security play a disproportionately large role in such a relationship. You two have an active fantasy life where everything is rosy but it rarely pans out in reality. All kinds of imaginative schemes and dreams can occupy you but they also rob you of the strength and resolve to carry projects through in real life. Neither of you will necessarily acknowledge the importance of self-motivation, or even the need for it, especially if things aren't that bad. But dreams should not be a substitute for action.

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