Taurus girl scorpio man

  • Ok so really need some advice.

    I broke up with a Scorpio man about 5 years ago. We dated for a year and a half and things became stagnant. So we decided that maybe it was better to break up. I was devastated because I was in love with him although we had not said so to each other, but I think he felt the same way. Anyway 5 years down the line we still talk to each other and I still love him, I thought I would have moved on by now but I haven’t. I have been in many relationships since then, but I always find myself thinking about him. Needless to say they never work out. In chatting to him I found out that he too is single and has been having similar issues, in terms of relationships, that he has not had a serious relationship since then either. I would like to give us another try, but I’m not sure if he feels the same way. Being a Scorpio he was and still is very cagey about his emotions. I’m not sure if I’m wasting my time, if I should just cut ties all together or not. I sometimes feel that he knows how I feel and is string me along as some kind of ego boost or as a way to maintain control. Either I am very confused and tired of the mind games that have been going on all these years.

  • I understand you about the Scorpio dilemma though had a rough breakup with mine 4 months ago (We dated for a year) and finally moving on. I understand how hard it is for you to get rid of your love for them lol. Scorpios are known to be close guarded of thier emotions so you may have to pick up clues from thier actions at times. For example, you guys dated for a year over 5 years ago and he hasn't dated anyone seriously since (he probably needed time to heal from the breakup and couldn't get you off his mind) and still talks to you (he possibly enjoys your company or misses you) either way he still feels some kind of way to keep you around after all these years of no contact.

    I'm sure you are smart enough to pick up on these signs so my advice to you is to see how far this goes you already found out he's single. His clues will let you know if he wants you back or not. You must give him time, he'll clue you in-trust me just give it time. Wish you two the best and god bless you both 🙂

  • Thanks for your advice Asia118X, it is really helpful.

    I just wish i was smart enough to pick up on the signs because he blows hot and cold all the time, so it's really confusing. For example one day he will send a long email about how he is doing and his family, and the next it would be a one liner. I suppose the distance doesn't help either as we are currently living in different countries. I guess apart of me feels that he has had all this time and that if he hasn't done anything by now he probably wont.

    Then again as you said only time will tell.

    Thanks again 🙂

  • Your welcome and I understand how you feel completely. Scorpios are known to be in touchsith thier feminine qualities lol-moodiness, which I must say is one of their biggest traits/it's not you it'sjust the way he is. If you want more on this ask a psychic their are plenty of good ones here. I suggest going to ask The Captain about your dilemma she can really help 🙂

  • I have to say i am very intrigued by the scorpio man, i think that has to do with them being mysterious and holding their cards close. Although we are zodiac opposites (some say it's a perfect match other say a match doomed to fail) i feel like he gets me better than any other sign, we seemed to have some kind of mutual understanding. Anyway thanks i will take your advice.

  • Hey there's nothing wrong with finding him intriguing. I must say Im quite intrigued and adore Scorpio men to death lol but in all honesty sometimes we have to take things for face value or reality and not because of his or her sign (no offense to you :)) even though signs can show some qualities their are other factors of a human being. Either way look out for and be honest with yourself and glad to hear your taking my advice. Hope it works! Wish you two the best 🙂

  • Wow Asia uve come a full circle since i first met ya n helped n adviced ya. Im happy 4 ya. Well done!

    I agree by the way, give the guy time n space n eventually he´ll come around with one choise or another. Always keep the race of the hare n tortoise in mind, n always know why the hare lost.

    best of luck to ya both


  • Thanks CWB I definetly have but for the best! Im happy where my life is now and its getting better and better everyday. I feel blessed and rejuvanted every time I wake up lol! Im moving on from my ex after I realizsd he had some issues to work out within himself and it wouldve been healthy if we stayed together. He also was too immature and self centered to handle a relationship at the time (even though he claimed to be mature lol) Knowing what he been through, I think he personal growth was stunted because he had to be a man at a young age and now desires to be a boy growing into a man. Im sure he loved me but he had wayyyy too much going on within himself to give me the care and attention a relationship needs on top of that he was being self centered-therefore it failed. Oh well I have better things to focus on so best of luck to him but Im focused on me right now 😉

    Taurus58- again best of luck to you!

  • yw n good 4 u!

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