Ask and you shall receive... :]

  • This is basically just me reflecting on my current situation... A topic for "Anything Goes"!

    So in December I was able to move from my old, shabby neighborhood to a MUCH more convenient location in a MUCH nicer apartment. I decided it felt pretty empty with two bedrooms and two bathrooms with one resident, so I got a roommate. It was lovely at first! But I started to take the role of a parent because she is younger. One more issue pushed me to the edge and I kicked her out. My next roommate was kind enough to help my previous roommate to get where she needed to be. She is a very sweet, pregnant, responsible Coast Guard woman who has experience as a roommate.

    To add to this new development, I was informed this morning that she will be in town for another year and a half. With her baby... and I volunteered to help her when I'm available to with Child Care (paid by the Coast Guard) while working my full time job, part time job, and with my soon-to-grow responsibilities to a fundraising group called Rotaract. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited... But just yesterday, after receiving a letter from a friend encouraging me to move out of state (semi-complicated issues surrouding that) I researched a city in a state relatively close to where I am now... With similar, but more mild climate... And I got this itch to move there. I would plan that for about a year and a half from now so that I can save money and prepare with the help from this new-found babysitting gig!

    This city is also close to where I was planning to take a Reiki course. I have been planning that for a short time now but it's more of a motivator to go with that idea.

    I've vacationed away from my birthplace, but I've never been far away for a long period of time. I feel ready to take a big step toward this... A deeper urge. Since I'm usually restless and tend to plan many things and imagine all kinds of possibilities, I feel I may be reaching pretty far. Especially considering all the coming events that will influence the American dollar and economy.

    In my response to my friends letter yesterday, I mentioned this idea. I was also thinking of how odd it was that in that response, I also mentioned how I needed more momentum and progression to escalate my personal happiness... Then this morning I pieced everything together and realized that I'm running for a jump that I've never practiced before... It feels good 🙂

    If anybody else has any interesting progression stories or even advise, I'm happy to read it.



  • Good luck 🙂

  • Wow, beautifully expressed! Follow your heart; go where your Spirit leads you AV!! All things work together for Good!

    Much love and success,


  • Thank you, both!

    I'm investing as much positivity into it as I can 🙂


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