Hi I have a question

  • I am wondering if anyone can tell me How to combat A problem Ive been having. That is question number 1. number 2 do u think that someone can miss out on their soulmate or just choose someone else because it didnt work out with the soulmate. Or the soulmate gets seperated. Do you think I am with my soulmate? or did I let my soulmate go and why did it happen this way if so? What do u see for me and why? thanks


  • we meet people that are necessary for our learning (or theirs). sometimes this can seem a negative experience too but i believe we all learn what our strenghths are and use this to progress further along on our path. when we stray off this path for what ever reason, someone who is usually our soulmate (not necessarily a romatic/love interest as soulmates are souls that are by a pre arranged agreement meant to meet with us each life time) either offers help or support or provides us with a lesson to learn. many times they are a friend, family member, a child, mother, father, teacher etc or a lover. sometimes we are meant to only meet once or then again for a life time. i think you have yet to meet the right soul to match you romantically the people you have been with were there to help you grow spiritually and to provide you with companionship whilst you learnt via your intuitive self what you need at this point in your journey

    take note of dreams and symbols that keep popping up as these are often a subtle message about what to do next. best of luck

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