When is it time?

  • i'm needing to know if my timing is way off or spot on. i'm a reiki practitioner and i'm hoping to open a little practice at home for women, at the moment everthing seems against me ,either money wise or time wise of health wise and sometimes all 3 at once. i'd really appreciate someone's input. xxx thanks in advance

  • You are getting resistance, because this is a good thing. Nothing good comes without a fight. I think that you need to regroup, focus, clear the spirits of doubt. It would be just to easy for you if everything was going right, but sometimes when things come to easy they do not last or work out as they should. Resistance to me is a sign that you have something to offer others need; however I think you should take care of yourself, reprioritize and push though this because the goal is right there. When something like resistance happens it means that something Good is ready to break through.


  • thanks Honeykat. i needed to hear thatxxx

  • This post is deleted!

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