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  • Hey blmoon, i hope your doing well, i been thinking about you a lot lately. dunno why- i hope things are well for you. anyway, things are going okay for me, found a spiritualist church go to every Sunday, and have a babysitting job/horsey job too lol Still seeing my counselor from time to time, and some things have fallen into place slowly, but still pondering on my health and such at times, i think it just could be me worrying, or my sensitivity, and wondered if you could give me any insight into this? Just mostly feeling a lot more tired more quickly than usual too and sometimes dizzy. and do you see anything involving relationships too, am not looking for one, i am just curious, if one maybe coming up, or something a long the lines. eventually anyway. Love to you Blmoon, and thank you. Love Bee Xx

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  • Hello Becca 🙂

    I feel a lot of impatience and frustration within you recently. What's up? Answers eluding you or not coming your way? I know how that feels, but trust that everything will become clear when the time is right. Sometimes our pushing against a situation only exacerbates things. Take a break and by the time you face the problem again you'll find that a lot of it has sorted itself out. Trust that the Universe will move forward and you along with it. You can either go with this flow or fight it. Guess which one is easier.

    I'm going through a similar thing, so I know it's not as easy as I make it sound, but together we can get there 🙂

    love and light to you Becca,


  • Thanks marc, something like that yeah, and still having a little impatience on things too.

    It seems to take forever just to find a good place to be, especially around here, plus been kinda down lately myself, so i am hoping its just me. 🙂 Lots of strange things happening too,

    and odd feelings i don't understand were they come from, thanks for taking the time to say something, Love ya Bee Xx

  • blmoon, still waiting to hear your thoughts and such too, 🙂 I am slowly sorting things out, but its always to know i am going somewhere with what i am doing. Love ya Bee Xx

  • Hi Angelbee,

    please excuse me butting in, it just seems appropriate that I pass on a small piece of information that I'm lucky enough to have. I have Chinese medical training and the symptoms of dizziness, tiredness, feeling low and (dare I say it) added psychic sensitivity, can be attributed to a syndrome of symptoms known in CM theory as Blood deficiency. The term Blood in this instance refers to an energetic set of functions, which has some correspondence to, but is not the same as physiological blood. This should not be regarded as a diagnosis, but you may find that you begin to feel better if you pay particular attention to your diet at this time.

    You should derive benefit from ensuring you are eating adequate (at least once a day) varied good quality protein (eg fish, meat, tofu, beans eaten with whole grains, eggs) plenty of dark green vegetables, a few dried fruits such as a couple of apricots, dates or figs once or twice a day, some good quality grains (especially wholegrain rice) and you could do worse than having some dark chocolate now and again and if you're that way inclined (and it turns out I am) seaweed!

    I hope you don't mind this somewhat down to earth advice, but sometimes simple things can make people feel a whole lot better about their life. Nineteen wasn't always easy for me. I'm sure you're making a much better job of it than me.

    By the way I'm just down the road from you in Southampton and was sending you my neighbourly love and white light a few weeks ago when you had difficulties with your lingering spirit. I haven't kept up to date, but I hope that that episode reached an appropriate conclusion.

    Love to you Angelbee.

  • Hey Green shoots, thank you, i guess i have to be eating me some more of those things then as i have been getting too tired too quickly, and dizzy at times too, to not really badly, but it is definitely there I still have the trouble maker around, whoever it is, thoughts or not is driving me bonkers, lol But i am trying my best to ignore it, or send it away with white light, as everyone suggests to do, but i guess i am still struggling to understand what it is, and why its here. Or you know if i am still crazy or not LOL. Do not mind you jumping in at all, and i am thankful for your advice, i am allergic to dark chocolate, makes me feel sick, but i can certainly try some of the other stuff you mentioned. being nineteen isn't easy for me either, specially since i am feeling too sensitive to other things at the moment, to want to do anything, and having little energy doesn't help either. Thank you for taking the time to thinking of me, and sending your thoughts and white light is appreciated.

    Many blessings to you love Bee Xx

  • Sorry, I'm not sure I made explicit; Blood deficiency benefits from Blood nourishing foods. The foods listed are some good Blood nourishing foods. It would be difficult to go wrong with them. If things don't improve for you, be sure to go and find some help from somewhere.

  • We were writing at the same time then, it sounds like I was ignoring you! Take care. I'm off to bed. Love.

  • Thanks Greenshoots. 🙂 I looked it up, sounds a little like me, the symptoms, guess i better to take care of what i eat. Goodnight love Bee Xx

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  • Hey Blmoon Still hoping to get a message from you, if your able too, Love Bee Xx

  • BREATH BREATH BREATH BREATH--AND--BREATH! You take three steps forward---two back---your own power--energy stills scares you--you were taught to not be so smart--to question---to have power---old bad habit. So just when you do things--good habits---a part of you--the shadow side still in the dark sabotages you---you make yourself smaller---shallow breathing--it is a coping mechanism for feeling too much as well. Deap breathing---and watch your minerals---drink water more and get your potasium magnesium----strawberry fresh squeezed orange juice with some cracked ice and stevia for swwetner----make a smoothie--use blender or I use a hand held blender. If you can't do that just drink more fresh orange juice with the pulp.. Eat strawberries. Mostly, BREATH deep---be aware of it. BLESSINGS

  • Thankyou Blmoon, Thanks 🙂 makes me feel better knowing its not just in my head lol.

    Love you, and thank you. Bee Xx

  • I do appreciate your help blmoon, it means a lot, and thank you for taking the time to reply,

    your right about that of course, guess i still need to work on things hehe, i will continue taking steps forward, even if i get pushed back love you and thank you, Bee Xx

  • The problem is Becca, you are the one pushing yourself back. As well as what Blmoon has advised, may I suggest surrounding yourself with images of Black Panther. Even sounds of Black Panthers would help. Do you know how to set up your computer to play a custom sound when you log in? If so, have a look for panther sounds on the Internet and set it to play whenever you log in.

    Put pictures of Black Panther on your computer desktop. Keep her in your mind. Imagine her walking beside you. She will protect you and guide you as you embrace the unknown. Believe in that. Trust in that.

    Love and light to you my friend 🙂


  • Okay, Thanks marc, i wish i could do that on here, but this isn't really my own laptop, its really my family's and they probably will freak heheh, and i like your idea, 🙂 So i will try a few other way's too, Perhaps. I am still not sure if it really was a black Panther, or a black cat in my dream, but i will give it a go. With the imagining part. Love ya and thanks Bee Xx

  • Blmoon, would love your help with this trouble maker i seem to have,

    or whatever it is thats bothering me, Dunno if you've heard, i did have a thread about it,

    still not sure if i can do anything about it, but could surely use your advice- and

    just to clarify, that perhaps i am not going crazy, or maybe i am lol. Anyway, I am just having some trouble, and could use your insight- help, if thats possible, if you can, explain whats going on, that would be amazing if not i do understand. Love N hugs Bee Xx.

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