Confessing feelings for someone. Wise or not? psychic reading please!

  • Hello.

    Recently I've been experincing alot of confusion and indicisiveness concerning a certain relationship.

    There's this guy. I really like him more than I ever imagined I could. Then I find out last week that he has a girlfriend (however, I do not know how strong of a relationship it is)

    Even though I just discovered this, I had always planned on confessing my feelings for him. You see, I am leaving the place we both met, and this is my only oppertunity to tell him before he possibly disappears from my life forever.

    basically, what I want to know is:

    how strong is his relationship with this supposed girlfriend?

    if I confess my feelings for him, what is the possible outcome?

    and, finally,

    is this a wise decision to tell him how I feel? or should I live with the "what if" feeling?

    thank you. I really appreciate your time.

  • Hello DaniBo,

    The answer is "not."

    Spirit shows this action (you telling this man how you feel about him) as a poor decision – rash, impulsive, selfish, overindulgent and I am even getting a feeling of sabotage or spite (I believe this is due to the other woman involved in this situation). You are being asked to look at this situation through the lens of reality and also look to your inner moral guidance.

    This man sees you as a bright, energetic person, but young. There must be an age difference here? If you do share your feelings with him he will be frazzled or even annoyed by it and may consider it immature, impetuous and even insensitive.

    On a personal note, if you are leaving then what is the point of telling him now? Long distance relationships hardly ever work – especially if they start out that way. And, if you two are meant to have a relationship then Divine Will and Divine Timing will work it out. Don't create bad karma for yourself!

  • Thank you watergirl18 for your answer.

    so, if I may ask, does he know how I feel about him? or does he sense any attraction towards me?

    does he just not want me to say anything to him about this because it's out of line?

    or more importantly, will he look at me differently if I tell him how I feel?

    and if I don't tell him, what is the possible outcome??

    thanks a million.

  • He likes you - thinks fondly of you - may even find you attractive - but he is not interested in a relationship with you. Sorry...

  • so he just likes me...but not enough to create a potential relationship? well that's good to know.

    just TWO more questions I promise! 🙂

    1. does he know how I feel about him? because he does tend to flirt quite often.

    Just checking 🙂 if I don't tell him I at least want to end things on a good term instead of awkwardness.

    2. since I won't tell him how I feel, does that allow for a friendship to continue or not?

    thanks so much. I really am grateful!

  • Sweetie, men tend to flirt - especially when they are feeling flattered by a younger, attractive woman who is fawning over them. It's just an ego boost, not love.

    If you truly are friends now then there would be no reason for awkwardness or for the friendship to discontinue just because you are leaving. I suspect you are reading more into this than there really is. Give your poor mind a rest and stop obsessing!

  • I really wish that wasn't the case, but, what can we do? men men men 😕

    thank you so much watergirl18. You really helped influence my decision in this situation. Now I know not to make a complete idiot out of myself!

  • Aw, you're welcome. We've all been there, by the way. This is really more of a crush or infatuation for you. You will realize this later 🙂 You will be starting an exciting new phase in your life many men, so little time!

  • I really do hope this will all pass very soon! 🙂

    and well, I've never had much luck with men, but I'm glad to hear that soon maybe my luck will finally change for the better. I hope there's a good guy coming soon in my life.

    again, thanks!

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