Laie 4- have an interest for some insights

  • HI~

    Hadn't seen Laie 4 on here in a while but we had communicated in the past to a level that was rather insightful. Any insight from anyone would be apprecited since she hasn't been on here in a while.

    The last 6 months have been very bizarre with events from the past reoccurring( not bad) as well as people.

    i feel like I am almost repeating my life- minus the bad events. When I look back the incidents started occurring in a small dose, about 3 years ago. Now people from the past have been popping up at an alarming rate for the last 4 months on a rather significant basis. This has been happening so much to the point I am beginning to wonder what is going on?

    One instance- I was recently dating a man that I have known for a very longtime who was one of the people who had suddenly appeared. We have again lost contact rather mysteriously- not bad- I had gotten an opportunity to study in Berlin for a few weeks so I went. Things just never returned to where they were before I left.

    I am having so many questions about what am I suppossed to learn or where am I travelling. I know people return again in another life to "get it right" but I have never heard people keep repeating things in their life in such monumental proportions. I am just going with the flow and waiting to see what or who pops up next!

    I forgot to add some of these reoccurances that are repeating themselves go back as far as 20 years ago in the past. I'm just glad none of this is negative!

    Any insight on this would be helpful.


    Luna Azul

  • It may mean you are repeating life over and over in the same way because it feels safe, so that you need to look into taking on a new direction or attitude or risk, unless you want to stay in the 'time loop'. Ask yourself if you are satisfied with the way things are in your life or if they need a shakeup. You may have gotten too comfortable in your little secure niche.

  • Thanks Captain~

    All these events are somewhat bewildering. It seems when I really started taking a new direction is the time when the people and events occur more frequently.

    Just thought I'd ask because it all seems so strange.

    Thanks again! Blessings

  • When people and events recur in our lives, we are often being asked to look deeper to see if we missed the lessons that were involved in the first instance.

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