Getting both the king and queen of cups in a reading

  • Hi, just wondering if anybody could share their interpretation of what happened in one of my readings. I was doing the celtic cross spread, and I got both the queen and the king of cups appear in my reading. My reading was related to a love question, and in the posistion of 'internal influences', posistion number 8, which was a card that represented me, I got the queen of cups. And then in the long term outcome, posistion number 10, I got the king of cups.

    I was just wondering if the fact I got both the king and queen so close together can give a stronger meaning to my reading? And what interpretations does this present to others?

    Any response would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  • You always want to look at the entire spread as a whole as it tells a story, but based on these two cards in these positions I would say that the current relationship you are in is a life lesson on emotional maturity for you. The Queen of Cups indicates that you are being very romantic and dreamy, but overly so. You may have a tendency to be unrealistic where love is concerned and look to your partner to complete you in some way. When your partner doesn't live up to this ideal or expectation you have of love, you will most likely become oversensitive and wonder why you weren't cherished as you should have been. You want to be cherished (thinking it will somehow fill the hole you feel inside) so you give way too much - this is a card of co-dependency. The King of Cups could represent a new man that will enter your life, but I feel that it is pointing to your emotional maturation. Through the experience of this relationship you are being given an opportunity to grow out of this stage and become more emotionally mature.

  • Thank you very much, that is a very interesting interpretation. And I'm beginning to think it might be the correct one. As the relationship is really developing in the right way, so maybe I will have to reach a new level of emotional maturity from my recent events. Thank you 🙂

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