Tarot interpretation needed please

  • Hi, I would appreciate if anybody can give me help/second opinion on this spread. I have used the 21 Gypsy Spread. My question: How would situation between me and D plays out.

    My birthdate 4 may, his 3 july.

    The Querant's present psychic state

    The Hermit

    The Fool

    King of Pentacles

    Her present home life

    Four of wands

    The Magician

    Three of pentacles

    Her present desires, hopes, or her question

    The Sun


    The Chariot

    Her expectations in the matter

    Two of swords

    Queen of swords

    Ten of wands

    What she does NOT expect (the kicker)

    Ace of wands


    Ace of swords

    Her immediate future

    Ten of cups

    Knight of wands

    Two of pentacles

    The long term results of the matter

    Three of cups

    Four of swords

    Ace of pentacles

    Thanking you in advance


  • Hmmm.. I am a little confused by this spread... you say this spread is for two people but I only see one side of the fence here, "hers" Where is "his" side of the spread?

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