Comming transits and how it will affect your life.

  • Here’s an excerpt from an astrologer who has been right on target many times from personal standpoint. The info he gives is general in nature for everyone on transits and I just thought I would share.

    “The first transit I’d like to talk about in detail involves Neptune. Neptune entered the Sign of Pisces for the first time in recent memory on April 4th, but it is only there temporarily. It will leave Pisces— retrograding back into the Sign of Aquarius— in early August of this year. What happens in our lives during April to August is likely to be a harbinger of what is to come for each of us when Neptune moves into Pisces to stay, from early February 2012 until January 2026.

    Unlike many other Planets, Neptune rarely corresponds directly to “world events,” so we will probably have to watch ourselves and our personal lives rather than watching world events in order to observe the effects of Neptune entering Pisces. Neptune was last in Pisces from about 1847 until 1861, so there is no currently living memory of what happened the last time Neptune was in this Sign.

    Since Neptune is particularly powerful in the Sign of Pisces, its influence is likely to be especially pronounced. Neptune often represents the process of “natural growth” (think of what it was like being a teenager), and while Neptune is in Pisces we are likely to each begin a new “growth spurt” in the area or areas of our lives the Sign Pisces influences in our individual natal charts.

    This experience may or may not be pleasant, but it will likely be a process (not an event) which breaks down barriers or assumptions we’ve previously considered unshakable, leaving us with a broader and more mature view of our world afterwards. In very important ways, we are likely to move from childhood to adulthood in the parts of our lives that Neptune in Pisces affects. Be careful of making any assumptions regarding the area of your life Pisces rules (the House or Houses it inhabits in your natal chart) during this transit.

    The first of the multi-Planet, multi-day transits I’d like to discuss is Mercury’s opposition to Saturn, lasting a week from Tuesday April 19th until Tuesday April 26th. Mercury will be ending its retrograde period and going direct in mid-Aries during this time, while Saturn will be continuing a slower retrograde motion through mid-Libra.

    This transit indicates a good time for serious, disciplined, detailed thinking. However, it also indicates a time when pessimism may overwhelm common sense. On a personal level, many of us may become very involved with answering the questions “who am I?” and “what’s my place in this world?” during this transit. Asking these questions is a great thing, but drawing conclusions and acting on them during this transit may not be.

    We may gather a lot of detailed information regarding the questions or problems that concern us during this transit, but we may not have enough information about the bigger picture during this transit to make intelligent decisions regarding what we need to do or what we need to change. This means that taking precipitous action may have some very undesirable consequences, especially regarding our closest relationships with others.

    We won’t need definitive answers to our questions or problems during this transit. Merely asking our questions is all that we will really need to do. Keeping an open mind to new information as it comes in, and letting ourselves dream big dreams (however unrealistic they may seem) about what we would like our answers to be, will also probably be helpful. Seeking out male authority figures we trust and confiding in them is also likely to benefit us during this transit.

    The other multi-Planet transit that will be occurring over several days is a conjunction between Venus and Mercury in late Aries and very early Taurus, lasting two weeks from Friday May 6th until Friday May 20th. This conjunction will move through seventeen degrees of the Zodiac, from 18 degrees Aries to 5 degrees Taurus.

    Mercury and Venus are always close travelling companions, never

    forming a conjunction with each other for a day or a few days at a time. However, it is rare that they are conjunct for as long as they will be in May. The last time this happened was six years ago, from December 27th 2004 until Jan. 19th 2005, when both Planets were moving through Sagittarius and early Capricorn.

    While a conjunction between these two Planets usually is thought to engender pleasant communication with those around us, I can’t help but notice that the undersea earthquake and its attendant tsunami that caused so much destruction in Indonesia and Thailand occurred on the morning of December 26th 2004, the day before this transit came into effect. It’s possible that the upcoming Mercury-Venus conjunction may indicate that another natural disaster of this type is soon to occur.

    However, I think it’s more likely that the transit helps us to come together to aid those in need. In 2004 and 2005, there was an unprecedented amount of helpful communication, cooperation and financial support extended to those left homeless and destitute from the tsunami’s destruction. This seems a very good fit with the two Planets’ generally accepted influence, Mercury ruling communication and Venus ruling comfort and how money is spent. This time around, perhaps this transit indicates that once again the world will coordinate its goodwill in a memorable way to help out those afflicted by natural disaster that has already occurred— such as Japan.

    The chart of this year’s Spring Equinox reveals a conjunction between the Sun— representing the power of manifestation— and Uranus, the Planet of awakenings and sudden change. This means that spring cleaning for many of us this year may involve more than shaking the dust out of the carpets. Our relationships, jobs, possessions, and coping skills are all candidates for a good scrubbing and reorganizing this Spring season. Enjoy the warmer weather, and I wish you the best in this year’s very Uranian Spring.”

    Jim Trader

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