The Year 2012

  • a message from Akashic Records channeled by Jen Eramith MA

    What physical changes can we expect in the year 2012?

    The physical changes that will occur for people during the year 2012 are very much in the same vein as the physical changes that are occurring in the Enlightenment process for people. In some ways you can just look at any information that has come through about Enlightenment or the process of Ascension and much of those answers will be the same as those in regard to the year 2012. More specifically, right here and now, the thing that will happen for many of you in the year 2012 on a physical level is you will have made an adjustment in the way you approach your physical bodies. That will mean that the changes, although they will keep occurring, you will work with them differently so you will experience them differently. I am going to list some of the changes and then I am going to explain how you will have changed in accordance with them.

    Some of the physical changes that occur in the Enlightenment process are changes in temperature regulation, you will have gone through periods where you cannot keep yourself warm enough, you cannot keep yourself cold enough or you just cannot keep yourself steady. Many of you will have gone through some weight fluctuations. For some of you mild fluctuations, for some of you wider, bigger, more drastic weight fluctuations. Some of the other systems that will occur are that many of you will have become far more sensitive to particular kinds of foods. This is something that may be diagnosed as a food allergy, but it is in fact just a change in sensitivity. It does not work in the same way immunologically that allergies do. For all intents and purposes, in regard to how you deal with it, you could call it an allergy and take care of it just fine. You are developing these food sensitivities because you are changing the ways that you take in nourishment and reject that which does not belong with you. Your gastrointestinal systems are changing the way they absorb nutrition and expel that which is no longer needed. Some of you will find yourselves going through periods of sensitivity to certain kinds of fruit, grains, dairy products, sugar and to certain kind of potent foods. Potent foods have certain kinds of chemicals in them, chocolate is one example. Night shades, like eggplant and tomatoes is another.

    Each of you will have your own story with this. The important thing, the general rule in the shift that most of you will have made by the year 2012, is that it is vitally important that you learn to recognize your personal symptoms, your personal reactions or responses to what you put into your system and you honor what is true for your body. If you notice that every time you eat strawberries, then stop eating strawberries. If you notice that avoiding dairy leads you to feeling happier or more energized, then avoid dairy. It is important for each of you to define this for yourselves. That is one way through the physical process of Enlightenment your bodies are leading you through the emotional and psychological process of Enlightenment, which is to notice everything, see everything with new eyes and respond. Have responsibility for what you see and what you know. To take full accountability for what you see and know and therefore for your choices and your behaviors based on what you see and what you know. Your gastrointestinal systems are giving many of you that opportunity.

    Another shift that is occurring is headaches. This is based on a change in your circulatory systems and the temperature changes. The blood chemicals that help you regulate temperature and help move hot or cold blood through your central nervous system are changing. Headaches, particularly migraine headaches, increase as you develop your own personal riddle on how to regulate temperature in your body and how your blood regulates levels of chemicals as they engage with your brain and your spinal cord. The other is joint pain; generalized joint pain. Some of you will find that particular joints hurt more than others, but generalized joint pain or a sense of bone achyness is another very common symptom involved in the Enlightenment process and therefore that you will be working with before, during and after the year 2012. The primary shift in your bodies with the year 2012 is that by that time most of you will have figured out that you have to pay attention to yourselves and follow your own rhythms, continually seeing things anew and continually responding to that which occurs to you. You cannot ignore your bodies or let them run on autopilot the way you used to. The thing is actually, while this may sound like a lot of work initially, it becomes really a lot of fun. Little children that are new in their bodies notice everything. They notice every little pain, every little stretch. This is the reason they stretch and roll around so much. They are aware of what their body feels like all of the time. That is an enormous sense of joy for them. That is what you are reengaging in when you go through Enlightenment; having the ability to be awake and aware of everything all of the time, leads you to feeling more alive and more joyful in every small thing that you feel. That is the primary shift that will be occurring throughout the period around 2012. (Nov. ’08)

    How does the year 2012 relate to our individual ability to bring light and love into the world?

    This is again just a part of Enlightenment. The thing that will change in the year 2012 is that because the year 2012 is like a pause between breaths, it is like a still point. Of course a lot of things will happen in the year 2012, but there is a sense of a stillness, of the shifting that occurs between when you are pulling in and when you are reaching out. In that stillness, it will be more apparent to you that you are not alone in bringing light and love into the world. It will continue to be challenging at times to share your love and your light, and it will also continue to be really joyful to share your love and your light. More than anything during the year 2012, you will be able to see how others are doing the same. Most of you will need to come to the realization that people who you would have judged in the past as being wrong or different from you, you will come to recognize in the year 2012, that people who are doing things differently from the way you do them are still bringing light and love into the world. The arguments over how to best bring light and love into the world will lose their juice; will lose their battery power as you come to a deeper sense of light and love.

    You will be able to recognize how light and love exists in everything so that it will no longer concern you how your neighbors are bringing light and love into the world, it will simply concern you to figure out how to do it together in your different ways in order to make the light and the love bigger. You are likely in 2012, to see a reduction in judgment between one human and another and you are likely to see individuals and groups from very diverse perspectives coming together and collaborating in order to bring healing to the planet. That is what you will see mostly in the year 2012. (Nov. ’08)

    Is there anything we need to do to prepare for the year 2012?

    Yes, though everything you need to do to prepare for the year 2012 is the same set of things that you have been guided to do in regard to the Enlightenment process. The thing to do as you prepare for the year 2012 is to take full accountability for yourselves. Do not assume that your government will take care of you, do not assume that your bank will take care of you, do not assume that your religion or your city water supply will take care of you. Instead, take accountability of what you know about your needs and find ways to meet your needs or to ensure that you will be able to meet your needs as you move forward. We are not suggesting that you develop a radical or fear based defensive position where you stockpile weapons or try to have more than your neighbors. The fact is, your individual survival depends wholly on the survival of your neighbors. When we say take accountability for your needs, it is to say, keep your eyes wide open to the directions that different institutions are taking. Do what you can to build up and support your collective resources. Engaging in things like food growing cooperatives can be beneficial. Engaging in things like Red Cross training or emergency management training will be useful. Donating to your local hospitals, anything you can do to help ensure that those institutions that are in integrity and exist in order to benefit the collective good do everything you can to ensure that they are stable and strong. Engage in your communities. That is perhaps the best way you can prepare for the year 2012.

    The year 2012 and years before and after it will include some natural disasters and it will include challenges, collective and personal. The important change in 2012 that is different from generations before now is that your survival, happiness and comfort will only come through connecting with one another and caring for one another rather than isolating yourselves and fighting with your neighbors or avoiding your neighbors. Take full accountability for what you have and what you know and embrace yourselves with the love you have for your own individual lives and for the lives around you, then engage in any ways that make sense for you and your life to make your commitment strong. That is the best way to prepare for the year 2012. (Nov. ’08)

    Will the year 2012 be the end of the world for some people?

    No, not really. It will be the end of life for some people. You are likely to have some natural disaster and war events occur in the year 2012 that will lead to some large groups of people dying at the same time. It will certainly mean the end of life for some people but it is not the end of the world. Just like the year 2000, when they have fear to address or to process in their personal lives, they find an external reflection or an external repository for that fear. For some people, imagining the end of the world gives them a way to manage their fear or to feel their fear, acknowledge it or try to work it through. (Nov. ’08)

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