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  • Hi everyone! I have some questions about how this would work with a legal name change. I'm going to change my name (full name) for various reasons, and I'm trying to find one that works with my personality and my numbers.

    As I learn about numerology, I noticed something that caused concern for me. My birth date adds up to 27, so 2+7 - I'm a 9. My biological name added up to an 8, however I was adopted when I was 8 years old, so when my name was changed then, I became an 11. 11 has always been such a strong number in my life before I knew about numerology, but now that I'm reading about it, I found that it's not relevant because my birth name is most important. I'm also learning that when I choose my new name, it should add up to a 9, like my birthday. I'm not having success.

    I'm a Cancer (July 2) and although I've never felt like any of my names belonged to me, I fit the personality of a Cancer frighteningly well (my two greatest natural loves, other than art, are water and the moon) so I want to represent that in my name. I've also always had this stress that everyone is my responsibility...a helping the world type thing, but I can rarely help myself. It's overwhelming (I think that has more to do with conditioning than nature though). Morgan/Morgana is a first name that I'm thinking about (I've always been attracted to the letter "M"). When I find my name, does it have to be a 9? And if so, do the letters have to add up to 27, just like my birthday, or can they be anything as long as they add up to 9?

    I have been fretting about this for a while, and was quite relieved to find a forum about it! I hope my post isn't too confusing!

  • Your name does not have to add up to the same as your birthdate in any way. Most people's do not.

    Your name is a different aspect of numerology than bithdate and will not effect your birthdate or birth name attributes.

    What you should do is have your new name add up to the same number as your original birth name of 8. But do not worry over it. The name you had ay birth is the name you had at birth. And if you want new attributes for your new name, go ahead and do it! Who says we can't change over time, ya know. Purists may tell you otherwise but it's your life. Do what you want.


    on another thread "getting numbers for a numerology reading" I posted a worksheet so you can cut and paste it and work them out for yourself with some instruction.


  • Here are some simple number attributes.

    Number meanings for Positive Attributes

    1. Leadership

    2. Cooperation

    3. Optimistic

    4. Discipline

    5. Versatile

    6. Loving

    7. Mystical

    8. Strength

    9. Tolerance

    Number meanings for Negative Attributes

    1. Fearfulness

    2. Faultfinding

    3. Lying

    4. Rigid

    5. Overindulgent

    6. Unreliable

    7. Moody

    8. Materialistic

    9. Selfishness

    The Color of Numbers

    1. Red

    2. Orange

    3. Yellow

    4. Green

    5. Turquoise

    6. Blue

    7. Purple

    8. Peach

    9. Saffron

    The Gems of Numbers

    1. Ruby

    2. Moonstone

    3. Topaz

    4. Emerald

    5. Aquamarine

    6. Sapphire

    7. Amethyst

    8. Diamond

    9. Opal

    The Crystals of Numbers

    1. Garnet

    2. Rutile

    3. Galena

    4. Tinstone

    5. Muscovite

    6. Indicolite

    7. Alexandrite

    8. Morganite

    9. Alum

    The Planets of the Numbers

    1. The Sun

    2. The Moon

    3. Venus

    4. Saturn

    5. Mars

    6. Jupiter

    7. Mercury

    8. The Sun

    9. All

  • Thank you so much for such a thoughtful response! I like the idea of being free enough to choose attributes I want or are more suitable without worrying about messing up my life. 8 doesn't fit me at all (my husband read about 8 and said I was the exact opposite) so I'm glad I don't have to try to fit into it. It's a great relief.

    Thank you again. I was beginning to lose sleep over worrying about this so much. It's very important that I change my name, but I didn't want to make things worse by doing so. I feel much better 🙂

  • hi "Paints" My mom just changed her name for various reasons as well and she picked a name that was in her family because it meant a lot to her .. she then added it up and it happened to be a lucky number 🙂 so I would say go for something meaningful and lucky!!!!!! lol!! oh and that "ibeleive" person is very helpful ..i enjoyed sitting here reading that work chart and looking at my colors for my number and what not haha!!

  • Thanks for the advice Kitkat and Markie. I agree that Ibelieve is very helpful!

    Markie, my birth name actually adds up to 8, not 11. That's where I became confused because I'm more like my adopted name - 11 - than my birth name - 8. While figuring out my new name, I keep trying to stick with numbers that make sense to me like the 9 or 11 or even a 3, but am having some trouble. I thought I had it figured out, but I don't! lol

    I have the first name set and the middle name set. Still working on a last name. One thing I'm wondering about is do I figure out the number for the entire legal name, or just the number for the name I'll go by the most? Rarely do people go by their full name (first, middle, last) when introducing themselves and what not. So I thought maybe I should focus more on the first and last name I'll be using - the same I'll introduce myself as, rather than the entire name. I found a first and last combo that adds up to 11 but I'm not entirely into the last name. I'm not feeling it.

    I worry that I'm over-thinking this again and putting too much concern into it. A lot of names I think about add up to 8, just like my birth name. That worries me because I would think the 8 would go against my birthday number of 9? I have no idea if that even makes sense..

  • Markie, thank you! I am a major worrier and like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm so worried about messing everything up by changing my name.

    It's strange (to me) that my birth name is an 8 and my birth date is a 9 because I'm sort of like a dichotomy. 2 very different people in one body and it has always been a source of frustration for me. Perhaps changing to a more suitable number will alleviate that!

    I will try, again, not to overthink it 🙂 Since I'm choosing names with meanings that are relevant to me, I wanted the numbers to be as well. The names I've been tossing around I like, but sometimes I feel like the last name "Alexi" is more suited for...a lady in the adult movie business. I'm an artist by trade, so maybe I can pull it off...I don't know. I just wanted a name with the same meaning as Alexander, but not Alexander. I'm so picky!! 🙂

  • It is definitely an unfavorable trait - just another thing (like the worrying thing) that I've tried to stay away from! I'm fine with everyone else being as imperfect and messy as they want (it adds charm, I think), but I am very, very critical of myself.

    Maybe I should shoot for a number that's more fun loving and what not!

    Thank you for your advice - I do appreciate it 🙂

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