Gemini man and Cappie woman?

  • I'm an Aries but a Cappie took my Gemini after 21 years. I didn't think they were that much a like, but he wasn't the most wild and crazy Gem. More of a Khaki pants sort of guy with a temper.

    Does this sound like forever or for right now. I know he was looking, so it could be for just anyone. But I also know those Caps love sex which would be fine by him. Any thoughts?

  • I don't feel it will last - I think you were right in thinking he just wanted a change, it could have been anyone. The 21-year itch...he needs to prove his desirability to more than one person.

  • Thank you for your input. They are still together and seem happy from his end.

  • This post is deleted!

  • For now...

  • They are still together. I know she is seperated and supposed to be getting a divorce. The Gemini and I just finalized ours Friday. He couldn't wait. I just feel like he's not being honest with her for some reason. Maybe it's because he was never to this day honest with me. Thanx so much for your insite Captain.


  • Still together. He wants to move near her. Captain, it looks like this one might stick. But he's so clingy. I wish I knew


  • I still don't feel their relationship will last but that doesn't mean he will come back to you. Just leave him to it and get on with your own life. You shouldn;t have t put things on hold for a man who cannot make up his mind and whose ego is threatened by growing older.

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