Humbly asking for a reading/help

  • Hello everyone,

    I hope you all are having a great week so far. I'm posting to ask for a reading, if anyone with this skill has the time or interest to do so. I really would appreciate it.

    While my question is not entirely time sensitive, I would sincerely appreciate it if anyone can see what is going on for me career wise and relationship wise because I feel confused and distracted. I am learning how to overcome fear of making the wrong decisions, but I would like to know if I am on the right track.. Career wise I am not sure if my current position is right for me or if I should seek a new one. Will leaving my job for another be a mistake? Relationship wise, I dearly love my boyfriend, but differences in our age/life stages makes me question how far this will go and if he is the one I should pursue a lifelong relationship with. Will he be a stable, honest, trustworthy and loving partner for me?

    I understand that many people on here need help and I'm hoping it's not intrusive to ask for it as well. Thanks to anyone in advance for your advice and insight 🙂

    By the way, DOB is 08-30-1988 in Ohio, USA

  • Your intuition is 100% correct on both Love and Career. All that you need now is the confidence and strength and faith to make the changes that need made. This part might prove a little difficult for you.

    I think right now you need reassurance that what you feel/think is right, however do you think you can change careers and leave your BF if for example a reader such as I tell you that both need changing for your benefit and advancement in future? You know the answers to the questions asked in your post, you have the tools, it's up to you when you will be ready to use them.

  • Hi Daangala! Thanks for taking the time to respond. You’re right about wanting reassurance on my questions…at the end of the day I will make a decision regarding both of these issues, but I admit I would like a nudge in the right direction. The thing is…I’m fairly confident about both decisions…I just would hate to be wrong! But such is life. I’m learning to let the chips fall where they may, there’s only so much I can control.

    If you’re interested, my intuition career wise is that I should apply for a position I have my eye on because I feel that I would do well at it, and it would be a stepping stone into a career that I hope to be in. The position I’m in now is a great one and is full of great people, but it isn’t permanent and I don’t know if in the long one I’d be 100% happy sticking with it for much longer. Thus, I know that I will apply for this new position—and if I get it—I just hope that it turns out to be what I expect.

    As far as my relationship question, this one is more confusing. I’ll tell you what I do feel and know. The person I am with now is absolutely wonderful and has treated me better than every other past boyfriend combined. In our 2 years of dating we’ve honestly have never had a major argument and we get along very well. The major differences are our age, educational backgrounds and—in some ways—how we approach life. We’re at different phases, yet we get along amazingly well. I know that we love each other very much, but oddly enough I’m not positive how much we’re both willing to compromise on major issues we’ve discussed (e.g. children, if he will move with me if I get a new job). I am willing to invest the time and energy in this, but I would hate for it to not work out and ultimately waste both of our time. Two years is already a long time…is it wise to take the relationship even further if in the end we may both end up hurt and feeling as though we wasted time with someone who wasn’t meant to be? Or what if we break up and –in the long run—it turns out we really could have made things work? I don’t want to stay with someone if it’s not going to work out for fear of being alone, but I don’t want to lose someone special either due to differences that can be overcome. My heart and head seem to be confused.

    Thanks for listening, regardless of if you or another forum user reads for me or not. As I said, I know that in the end I’ll make my own decision, but it would be interesting to see what others see for me. I think I know the steps that I’ll take, it’s just the matter of working up the courage to do so. Thank you again!

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