Dear Shaubby

  • I just wanted to let you know that...awhile back you offered free readings for 24 hours. I asked you about my future and reaching the masses and you saw me being a motivational speaker, which has always been a dream of mine. And writing, which has also been a dream.

    Well, I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that today, I was given a blessed gift of returning to college free of charge to pursue and finish not only my bachelors but my masters as well. And I feel this is my beginning to live my life's plan!

    I just wanted to share and say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Dear Taurus7

    When I read thank you messages such as yours, than it helps me to know that I'm truely blessed with this wonderful gift from heaven above.

    I know you will just shine your light and wisdom on many in the future.


  • Dear Shuabby,

    I was wondering if i could get some insight....I have been married 8 years now with two kids, i am an aquarius (Feb 08, 1980) and my husband is a Leo (July 25, 1973)...we are complete opposites and fight all the time...He thinks he is the only one who works and has a busy schdule...We both work full time plus i do very thing at home clean, cook, laundry and most of the time not even a Thank you instead i get you forgot to throw out the Garbage...My best friend who is also an aquarius (Feb 11, 1981) has always been by myside but lately we have gotten closer and have he has told me he has feelings for me. The biggest problem is i have always loved him just never thought he would settle down now i really want out of my marriage to be with my bestfriend....Help

  • Dear dsshorty,

    You and your husband are really not complete opposites, you married him to teach you to stand up for yourself and I don't believe you have been doing that. Marriage is a partnership and when a woman works as well as the man than she should have his help in doing the household chores, and also with the children. Does your husband travel, if NO than he really has no excuses here other than you allow him to do as he demands to do. Tell him you are hiring a part time housekeeper to help you with the chores of living, if he tells you No than tell him he has to help our you will hire help.

    That said, How well do you really know your best friends habits? Do you feel that he will be of a more loving, giving nature than your husband? Will your children except him? Do you have a son and daughter? If so than the boy will favor his father. If your husband refuses to help you than seperation is your best avenue to take, that way you will be away from your husband and getting to know your best friend and him you in deeper ways , to make an informed choice as to if you want a committed relationship with Mr. Aquarius.

    Love comes tenderly and softly and with respect on both sides.


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