Am I holding onto and Endless Dream??

  • I am a Gemini man deeply in love with a Virgo Woman..We have been talking for about 7 months and we work together which is how we met..we started seeing each other in March and we moved in together around the end of April..I know...that was way to fast no need to tell me that lol...anyways,everything was great in the beginning and and over the past 2 weeks she just seems to have clammed up...she acts happy everywhere else ..even at work..but once we get home she clams up....long story short I moved out this past Monday and she told me she still wanted us but that she seemed crowded and smothered...I gave her her wish and left.

    Don't get me wrong it hurt because I put everything I have into Tuesday as she left work she called me and told me to meet her at the I did...she gave me a kiss goodbye as we were leaving the bank and told me she loves me and we would get thru this together...Tuesday night she messages me and says she guess's there is no more me and her for now...that she just needed to find herself get her seperation custody of her kids ect ect...which floored me that someone's choices could change that anyways it's been a week and I've been over there twice to get my belongings out of the house...both times she has hugged me and told me she loves me...but yet once I am at home she says nothing to me online...doesn't ring my phone ..and goes on like nothing we were not even together..taking pictures..posting them on her myspace and just her happy go lucky self...well needless to say tomorrow is my birthday and we were supposed to go on a weekend vacation which isn't happening now obviously..

    I just got back from her house and while I was there I asked her if she had made a decision on spending atleast Saturday together she told me she hadn't....I then asked her if deep in her heart if she thought we would be together again down the road and she said yes...I'm confused on what to do...I'm deeply inlove with her and her two kids ...Do I wait until she gets things strait and see what happens? or do I move on and try to completely let her go??

    or am I holding onto an Endless dream and living my own fantasy of what I want to happen?

    Maybe I was trying to hard and giving her to much attention and not enuff space but she had never had anyone in her life like me.. most of her past relationships were abusive..and she begged me to never change...but the little things she is doing with the new pics..moving me down the list on her myspace..not saying a word to me..makes me feel like she just got bored but I also wanna believe that she just needs time to think and straiten herself out...I'm beating myself up over the situation and I really don't know what to do and not knowing if I'm gonna get to spend tomorrow with her really bothers me..

  • You don't mention your ages, so I'm going on some assumptions.

    It might help you if you could get her whole chart by finding out what time she was born & where, because there is something else pulling her (if it isn't just youth or indecision). I do think you need to move on. She shows signs of not knowing (or not wanting to know) what she really wants or needs, but she wants to keep a connection with you because of your love for her - and she loves that, not necessarily you. I'm not saying this to be cruel because if she really did love you as she says, she would make more of an effort to keep you closer.

    Find some other friends to spend your birthday weekend with, or go someplace where you might meet other people with your interests. Try your best to forget she exists for the next week - if she contacts you, you can spend some time discussing your future. If she doesn't contact you, get the rest of your stuff from her and say goodbye, because although she might not mean to (I am giving her the benefit of the doubt), she is using your affection.

    Have a wonderful birthday - spend time on yourself & what makes you happy.

    Good Luck!

  • Now this may not be the answer you'd like to hear. I seem to have made a date before being born to have the "Virgo" challenge in this lifetime. My mother is a Virgo. My father is a Virgo and my ex-husband is a Virgo, and so is an aunt, one fiance ,I didn't marry ,as well as the man I fell ,unfortunately for after my divorce..whew. That's a lot of cold fish to fry. Ok that's harsh but if you've got your heart set on this girl be prepared to suffer for it. Even if you land will never be fun living with her. What you can expect from this sign firstly is a fickleness bordering on complete lack of commitment. They thrive on relationships that are difficult/ abusive. My mother is NEVER satisfied with any man and she's been married four times. She found fault with everything about them. She starts criticizing the moment she hits the door and the only man she was crazy for didn't give her the time of day. They seem to need to want for something. Getting it all too quickly bores them and makes them start fault finding. My ex-husband died to marry me and afterward he became distant, never took me anywhere, refused to talk to me and treated me like I was invisible for 20 years. I look young for my age so after I got my mogo back and worked hard on a hot body he got interested again. The man I loved after I divorced him was the worse of the lot. He professed true love and we had the most amazing month of my life before he went cold as the artic circle. He would ask me to cook for him and not show up, see me tell me how wonderful I was and then sleep with another woman the next night, and never pick up the. phone and call me EVER. He was a habitual liar, a whore, and all the while professing to have a deep spiritual nature.

    Now if you aren't scared for you mortal soul which you sure should be and instead are determined to plunge ahead you should keep these key points in mind.

    You will probably never get a straight answer that comes close to the truth from her so don't bother to ask her how she feels about your future together. Take your cue from how she's treating you. Give her lots of attention which Virgo's crave when you are with her and when you're not...don't bother to call unless she asks you to.. Remember, distance makes this birthsigns little heart go pitter pat. so give her PLENTY. Act like you could give a S.... and watch her get all kinds of interested again. Got all that... GOOD LUCK. You'll need it.

  • I hope you have a wonderful birthday, hang in there, God will take care of things, just be patient.

  • Hi and Happy Birthday!, Virgo is in my work sector of my chart, by the way. Virgo is a hard sign at times to interpret. Your friend probably does an excellent job at work. You as well. Based on your post, I feel, it would be beneficial for you to consider this girl a friend. I know that's hard because your heart is involved. I think this is the only healthy choice for you. Virgo's can be excellent friends. I think it's time for you to move forward. The Virgo's I know want the living arrangements to be totally on their terms. I work w/a Virgo lady and she married a year ago. She's never lived w/her husband. They live about 75 miles from each other. The Virgo's I know, for some reason, are like this. You will have a faithful friend if you decide to be friends. I wouldn't get the boundaries confused though. In other words, don't go back and forth w/her. It'll just be confusing and you sound like a nice person. Anyway have a great weekend.

  • In my experience with Virgos (my best friend growing up is a Virgo) or this just maybe her but they tend to be centered on themselves and I agree with Elanna is that they like drama. My friend is 40 yr old and she is on her fourth marriage and she never seems satifisfied. I would go on with your life (easier said than done) but move on for now. Becareful though if she sees you with someonen else and sees that you are loosing interests she will come back for that attention. That is just my gut talking.

  • Thanks for the feed back...she didn't show on my B-day ..she decided to get so drunk friday night that she was sick as hell all day saturday..she asked me to call ..which I did but nothing came of it.

    They say if you love something enuff just let it go and if it comes back take it ..but for some reason I just can't seem to shake this one..maybe age has something to do with it..she's 25 and I'm 30...could be indecision who knows...but I haven't horoscope is looking up though for a chance and getting rekindled ..then again it just says a love from the past....kinda makes me wonder...there is no one else....any ideas??? I'm still holding onto her...letting go completely is just to hard.

  • Something that hard and deep - take it one day at a time. If someone that I am suppose to be with goes out and gets too drunk to spend a special day with me, I would have a hard time with that one. That goes to show you that she doesn't have the same feelings for you as you have for her. Sorry....that is rough but I am being honest.

  • Nightstalker. I myself am 27 (almost, I round up, I will be July 2nd) anyway, age is a big thing it seems. My Virgo for instance is 44, the age difference is what I first found appealing. I have 3 small kids so my viewpoint on life is different from your average 25 year old, I dont go out and get drunk just to do it, what's the point of doing that andbeing very sick the next day? Not fun to my mind. My Virgo however, will become distant at times too, and when I seem to be pulling away, or he'll read my facebook wall and comment on it in a very "boyfriend-like" manner when it's been a few weeks since I've heard from him.. WTF... sorry to say but it's not fair to the other person who's remained steady and consistent... it's tricky.... if you begin to feel resentful. take that as a red flag to not put up with crap any more... resentment is an emotion that tells you that you're not comfortable with something any mroe and your boundries whether clearly laid or not have been crossed! Good luck!

  • your a pawn, a player in her Virgo drama. It's not about you and your feelings, it's about how long she can keep having you jump thru her hoops. Virgo's are never satisfied and very critical. It's your fault if you stay because she isn't really doing things that should make you feel that she is trying to connect with you. I've had Virgo female friends and, i've seen them do that to guys, it's like an ego booster to keep stringing a guy along. One friend that I told her to tell the guy that she was done with, she got mad at me and wouldn't talk to me and hasn't in 20 years. She married the guy and got divorced a little while later. Their saying should be " The grass is ALWAYS greener in someone else's yard" I dated a Virgo guy last year. He stood me up so I dumped him. He got in contact with me this week, inviting me to a party that he and "his girl" are throwing. I told him my guy is working this weekend and I wouldn't feel comfortable. So Virgo starts in, he really wants me to come and he's talking about the things we used to do.....such a slime! But, they usually want who they can't have, he had been talking and doing "his girl", while he was dating me. And now that he knows I've moved on, he wants me.

    I think balancing has really good advice. Save your sanity or at least what's left of it. It sounds like to me, you want someone to be in love with but, love yourself first and know that what you get from her, is not healthy, it's mental abuse.

  • Wow, I am a Virgo woman and I am nothing like these drama queens..I am solid and real and have been in an almost depression about a Leo man who loves me but it's like out of site out of mind...he goes out with friends and forgets that he even has a home...I am always here to the point of I can't take it anymore ..but i still love him..he is away working...finally...and I have no idea what it willl be like when he gets back...I seem to have gotten back to normal with some time to myself. I have always found Geminis to be flighty! So surprised to see this written about Virgos, but I do know some that do seem to fit that category...don't generalize, please, we are not all like that. I would say, for sure, give up on this girl, she is trying to not have to make a decision...but man, if she loves you...she loves you...and it would be obvious if she did...forget it...sounds so sure to me..she can't say no and is leaving you in limbo...not a good place to be...

    The games people play...just end the game

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