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  • Hi, its been a while since my last time being on here I'd say over a year. Can someone please do a reading for me?? I was wondering where my relationship stands? What my job has in store for me? and When i will have my first child? I apologize if I am asking for too much but can someone please help me?

  • shadows and light oracle

    observe others at the moment do not get too close, you cannot change or save another by sacrificing your own beliefs for theirs. change is good if you have the courage to look and to find the truth of what lies beneath the surface. seek the wisdom of your higher self, that always tells the truth if you listen close enough. release what is no longer needed as this opens self to new experiences and for something else to enter. walk forward without hesitation

  • Periodot59,

    Thank you I apprciate your help. I have so many things goin through my mind and the most I think about every time is when i will actually have my first child. I feel that has been a tremendous weight on my shoulder. i have been trying for years now tried differ things and no success. Every time I think to myself this may just be the month I find that its not. What can I do or should I do? Do you know of someone that cna doa card reading for me about this or just a genral reading in regards to what I seek?

  • Reading your post has made me interpret into my own words. Seeing as a different perspective looking in is good but I can’t change things just to please others even though I may have differ feeling about it. Sometimes change per situation I am currently in now is good and I can’t look at it as a bad thing although it may be tough I need to look deeper and listen to what my heart is telling me, let go of what maybe holding me back and move forward for the better.

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  • exactly 143jastin. i read this in a mag want to try? eat an egg a day this helps strengthen you with protein (very important) and it symbolises blessing from the mother goddess. drink a glass of pineapple juice a day as this is yellow it is symbolic of male energy from the sun god

    and lastly wear a ruby jewel against your skin as it symbolises fertility. check your blood iron levels and vit b12 levels as this can affect placental blood for a growing child. make a daily affamation and meditate if you can. don't give up and also if you can chart your ovutation cycle the library would have books. check under natural family planning as this will increase your chances i had my first child at 37 and my second at 40 so it's not impossible. good luck

  • Peridot59,

    Interesting I will look into this...Thank you

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